Ticat Fans Are Revolting!

Now that I have your attention :smiley: … many fans ARE objecting strongly to what’s happening over the new stadium.

Come on over to the Ticat board. Management has introduced a scheme whereby season ticket holders of long standing who won’t/can’t travel out of town to Guelph for games next year (add 45 to 70 minutes to most people’s drives) and pay an extra $50 surcharge per seson seat on top of ticket prices (held otherwise at this year’s level) get placed into a lower tier for seat selection in the new stadium. In other words, a seat holder for 30 years who can’t get to Guelph drops behind someone with season seats for 2 years who can.

Lots of anger. Now the team is calling a special town-hall meeting for next Wednesday. Fun all around.

Now this is not that bad a situation- could hamilton be looking for a cfl expansion franchise? If the ticats have recieved more lucrative offers then they should pursue them and cut back onthe number of games played in guelph

Hey, I like a good customer revolt. Every now and then it's important to remind business just who has the wallets (and thus, the power).

not nice to insult any teams fans

Sounds like a very simple - - and fair - - solution: buy season tickets for this year in Guelph and you'll get to choose your equivalent seats in the new stadium.

What do you expect when you give up your season tickets? If someone else has picked them up, you don't get the option of reclaiming them a year later.

Even if Hamilton fan never went to a single game in Guelph, what's the worst case scenario - - out $1,000? I realize times are tough in Steeltown, but if $1,000 is going to cripple you financially you shouldn't be spending money on football games in the first place.

Just sell off the games you don't want to attend. There's always people willing to buy below face value, especially since there's going to be fewer seats available in Guelph.

To clarify the issues are:

a) the Tiger-Cats announced last year that 2012 season ticket holders would have the FIRST chance at claiming their seats for the 2014 season. This is now untrue, as it is 2013 season ticket holders who will get first dibs on seats. President Scott Mitchell thinks that labelling these two groups "Tier 1" and "Tier 2" priority groups makes everything ok. The fact of the matter is that 2012 season ticket holders were lied to. I also find it insulting that Mitchell believes his cover-up story would work on anyone who passed kindergarden.

Even this friggin kid could figure it out.


b) the Tiger-Cats said last year that 2012 season seat holders would be able to purchase tickets in 2013 for the same price. Well now there's an extra $5 "fee" per ticket to cover the costs the organization knew they were going to lose. Again, the 2012 season ticket holders were lied to.

I don't really see the problem. Then again I guess maybe things are different in Hamilton. In Vancouver a 45-70 minute drive is a part of everyday life.

its funny how different situations affect ones perspective.

living in winnipeg, my wife and I had a 15 min rush our commute. We felt that was too long so we moved 10 minutes closer.
Then we move to north langley, and end up with a 2 hr rush hr commute. Now my wife has a 30 minute commute and we think she is well off.

living in the city, it can seem like a big imposition to ask someone to drive 3k out of there way to pick you up or drop you off, yet when living in the country, it was no big deal for people to go from one town to another for same.

It's not fair at all when at the start of the 2012 season they were saying it was the 2012 tickets that would let you be first in line. They changed the deal after the fact.

Even if Hamilton fan never went to a single game in Guelph, what's the worst case scenario - - out $1,000? I realize times are tough in Steeltown, but if $1,000 is going to cripple you financially you shouldn't be spending money on football games in the first place.
This is quite possibly one of the dumbest things ever said on this forum. If you can't afford to *throw away* $1000 on essentially nothing, you're not well off enough to have football tickets?

That's going to be one hell of a marketing slogan for the CFL.

Yes, the team did not handle this properly. Changing the deal after the fact isn't cool. But, keep in mind that a Hamiltonian could win $500 million in the lottery & complain about having to split the prize with another winner. It's a way of life there. If you're so concerned about keeping your seat priority, renew & go to whichever games you can. Sell the ones you can't make on ebay, or give the tickets away to someone who can go. We're only getting a brand new stadium out of this, after all.

BTW, I'm from Hamilton as well, in case anyone's interested, but no longer live there. :wink:

Really the ethical way of doing this would have been to issue a "priority number" to 2012 season ticket holders based on their seats at IW. Then treat the 2013 season as a complete seperate issue. Get a seating grid done up for the new stadium ASAP and take deposits for 2014 with a sixty or so day window (Tier 1) and then start offering reservations for the new stadium as a perk to new customers who are willing to buy "blind" season tickets for 2013. (Tier 2). The current situation will backfire in Young's face and he will have only himself and his pal to blame for it. People keep talking about Guelph only being a couple hours away. The team hasn't even confirmed its Guelph. Its like someone trying to sell you a vacation package but won't tell you where your going. Really is spectacularly direspectful to their fans. They've had TWO YEARS to work this out ! So the only explanation to this is that it was done on purpose.

Unfortunate situation but, so is your owner hemorrhaging money for the past few years to keep the team afloat. Isn't he entitled to at least get some of his money back, supply and demand, that was the point behind a smaller stadium, wasn't it?

Yes you are right they will complain on the boards and moan and rant. The Ticats have called a "town hall meeting/forumn" on December 5th so fans can come in and talk about the problems. At least the team is going to listen.
We will see how many of these complainers will actually show up and walk the talk. My guess is they will continue to complain to others on here but won't actually make the trip to the Ticats office. In fact they will probably complain about the trip to downtown Hamilton to the Ticats offices.

This whole stadium situation has been a boondoggle from day 1. At least they are being consistent. :roll:

Can't help but notice if you built the stadium ANYWHERE else you wouldn't be in this mess. :roll:

YUP :rockin:

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1- That…
2- They’ve known for over a year they had no place to play in 2013
3- They should hold off selling tickets till they have their ducks in a row.

Except that there was no other site. Hamilton is getting a new stadium because of the Pan Am Soccer, Pan Am was obligated to build a 15,000 seat stadium. To build a bigger stadium it was the City of Hamilton that would have to make up the difference and when it came to choosing a site the far cheapest option was re-build on the same site.

Is the owner losing money? Averaging 25,000 fans a game? consession and merchandise prices are double from a decade ago, it could be they are making at least break even revenue, as the books are not available to the fans,we dont know.

As mentioned in other posts Mitchel needs to be replaced.

They had plenty of other sites. Not wanting to locate to any of them doesn't mean there were no other sites. :wink:
Big Difference.

We are talking 1 year,which is 1 season, which is only 9 games. And then next year a brand new stadium. It will all come together.