Ticat Fans Abroad - Where are you?

Obvious by my forum name, I live in New Zealand; I have for many years. Today, with this site and all the other online benefits, I can have at least a taste of the 'Cat experience. The last few years of offerings via the net have given me another link to my hometown and past.

So who else is out there in the big wide world that is following whats happening back home to various degree's., and where do you now call home. I'm sure I'm not alone. Hi from Invercargill, NZ. So...is there anybody out there? :slight_smile:

Go Cats!

I'm not from abroad, but I'm livin in Alberta.
Got my Cats swag out here, and with a bartender being a Cats fan also, it's definitely going to be my target on game days.
And if anyone in in Banff during a Cats game, make your way to Mel's (across from Banff Park Lodge).

Livin' in AB and bein' an "eastern bum and/or creep" can seem like being in another country sometimes (I lived in Banff/Calgary for many years). :wink:

It used to be the Prince Eddy for a Schulz burger back in the day (yes,I'm old) to watch sports.

I'm in Taiwan

Having the games available on CFL.ca has really made my football viewing much easier

Kiwi, what time do you get up for night games and afternoon games? I know you are a few hours ahead of me.

Im near Hamilton right now, but for a while I was on a peacekeeping mission in the Golan Heights, and I was able to follow the Cats on the old site and through the Armed Forces satellite feed. I know there are other members on this site that had similar (although "tape delay" meant a wait of at least 2 weeks) experience...

In Toronto. There are a few of us that wear Ticat gear to every game.

I have been living in Cincinnati for 2.5 years now. I still maintain my seasons tickets (year 34) and drive 8 hours for most of the games. I am able to watch all the CFL games on satellite (don't ask, don't tell). I might be the furthest fan with seasons tickets that actually attends the games!

I call Hamilton 'home' but I live in Moriya in Ibaraki Japan. I am just a 40 minute train ride to Tokyo station though.

I am coming home for 4 days in July/August and will be going to the game on August 3rd. I haven't seen a live game in a couple of years, so I am really looking forward to it.

Willy, well have to get together for a couple of wobbly pops while youre here (time and schedule permitting, of course...)

I am sitting in section 25 apparently. I don't know the exact seat yet. I'd love to have a halftime beer with you, or maybe a before game beer.

I won't be in Hamilton long. Actually, I fly off to Bangkok on the 4th.

I have just moved to Philadelphia, and like WilltheThrill, still have my seasons tix. Also just found out that Direct TV here in Philly is showing 45 games this year...YESSS!

Honolulu HI, my wife from Hamilton, I love it there, we go back for the summer, can't wait for some football!!!! Hey go TIMMY!

I watch games on the archived CFL Broadband. This way I can hole myself up in the spare room and watch/swear/yell all I want. I can pause it, refresh myself, continue, its great. I've even got a few Kiwi blokes watchin' and gettin' interested.

The kids think I'm nuts. It's funny 'cuz my parents are Scots who used to follow soccer from their hometown fanatically and I thought they were nuts! It's a great thing this new fangled web thing, I'm hopin' it continues and maybe catch on. :slight_smile:

Go Cats


watching the ticats kick some major booty

Congrats to the pre-season wins. As some of you know me from the Ticats Store the last 3 years, I am now in Koshigaya Saitama Japan with the likes of Willy. (sorry I havent been able to hook up with you yet Willy)also about 40 min from tokyo station. I didnt think being away from Hamilton would be this hard :cry:

I really hope CFL broadband will put my mind at ease.
Seems like watching a game at 8am will be kinda weird, eating breakfast and drinking beer???? Will be wearing my colors and thinking of all the great fans of the Ticats... OSKI WEE WEE

by the way... how does this years line of clothing look?


Dallas, Texas

moved down last summer.