Ticat eating the Argo and blood goes everywhere icon

Don't get me wrong, I hate the argo's, but everytime I see a post with that pic at the bottom it just annoys me. It's so cheesy. Am I the only one?

Ask our "grumpy site admin" his opinion... lol

I love it but wonder if it should be used only in certain situations like if we really do beat the heck out of the Argos. If we get beat-up, well, not sur about using it in this case.

The Argos still make the Ticats blood run cold. :slight_smile:

In the words of Siegfried and Roy, "Yep, that's just about right" :wink:

I have a picture of the argo fan who's ear got chomped off, but I won't post here, or on the Forbidden Site.

Its actually tamer looking that the graphic referred to in the post here.

?? why would you make a topic about this ?? and why would you not just ask me abuot it instead of getting every1 else's opinion, and by the way i like it, so it stays. tough luck

Sorry Blitz, I didn't realize you are the only one who has it...I swore I saw more people with it.