TiCat Draft Pick Brent Urban

The Ravens' defensive end has a torn bicep and is out for probably the season. He missed all of last year with a knee injury. Perhaps will see him with the Cats next year. The guy has certainly had some bad luck at the beginning of his career.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

You gotta feel for a guy that puts his entire heart and soul pursuing his dream, only to be stymied by 2 season-ending injuries in a row. That being said, I wonder if we will ever see him in a football uniform ever again.

People thought we would never see lots of players the Ticats drafted that went to the NFL. ie. Gaydosh, Giguère, Plesius, and they all ended up here.

The Ticats have been so loyal to Gaydosh that he seems to have given up his NFL dream by signing an extension.

My prediction... you will see Urban in the CFL (the Cats may trade his rights) by 2017. That is if he still desires to play by then.

I guess he wasn’t quite out for the season.
Urban played his first game for the Ravens last night, and on the last play of the game with the score tied, he blocked a potential game-winning field goal by the Browns, which was returned by the Ravens for the game-winning touchdown.

That was a heck of a play to end the game last night. Being a Browns fan really does seem awful.

Especially when you consider that Baltimore appeared to be offside on the play.

The NFL head of officiating is saying no, as the line of scrimmage was supposedly not where the line is drawn, that it was actually half a yard back from there. But if that’s the case, how do you explain that the ball is clearly visible where the line is drawn? Did the centre advance the ball half a yard prior to the snap?


Actually I saw that play and the replay as well as Urban being interviewed after the game. At first I thought he blocked it but on replay, it looked like he was the one who returned it for the winning TD. Either way, a heads up play by one of our own Canadians.
My first thought when I realized who it was (had heard he was going to be on the roster but had forgotten) was that we likely won’t be seeing him in black and gold any time soon. However, stranger things have happened.

Seldom do the guys ticats draft who then choose to spend time vegetating on NFL practice rosters or injury lists prove any value to the team. Mostly the come back with bruised egos and under perform. Jessie was good for a while but he thought he could run over players and was constantly injured. His main claim to fame was his speed. Gregorio was a total bust, could not block or catch and ran out of bounds when he saw his shadow.

But the black line drawn on the photo is not parallel to the markings on the field. Straighten it out, and the offside is not so clear

It’s actually close to parallel, as you can see both 33 yard line hash marks touching the line. Definitely not crooked enough to make up for how far over the defender’s hand is.

The official explanation from the league is that the line of scrimmage was actually at the 33 1/2, and the centre had adjusted the ball ahead half a yard prior to the snap, so the defender was actually lined up onside. Interesting that the league doesn’t seem to have a problem with the “adjustment” by the centre. Also odd that the rest of the defenders were lined up so far back from the actual line of scrimmage. Personally, I’m not sure I buy it, although I haven’t seen the full play so can’t say for sure one way or the other.

Bush league. Two things that come to mind, 1/ Too bad Barker from the Arblows is not behind the line judge telling him the guy is clearly of side. 2/ Seven players must be on the line of scrimmage or an end must be covered by a receiver who is on the line of scrimmage. I don’t like many of the NFL rules and how they line up is one of them.

Assuming the line of scrimmage was at the 33 1/2, then there are seven players on the line, i.e. within a yard of the line of scrimmage (same rule as in the CFL), all visible in this picture. Still doesn’t explain the ball being at the 33, a half yard ahead of the line of scrimmage.

Centers screw with pre-snap position of the ball all the time. As long as they don’t try to use it as a tactic to sneak the whole line forward, it doesn’t get called. It’s like “travelling” in the NBA.

I’m thinking that’s a little harsh? Yes. Lumsden succumb to injuries that ended his pro career. Does that make it a wasted or erroneous selection? We’ve seen others drafted that had no NFL aspirations not have anything near the professional career despite having no time spent trying the NFL.

I understand I’m in a small minority when it comes to Giguere. Yet if you’re going to slag him, at least have the respect of getting his name right. He’s a professional football player. Do you know him? What has he ever done to you?

While we’re on that subject. I haven’t even checked, but what were Sam’s #'s this season? I’m guessing he could’ve been a valuable asset for Hamilton this year considering their injuries and challenges as far as ratio.

To make such a bold statement that all ticats draft choices who tried the nfl haven’t worked out is definitely challengeable.

Compared to whom else’s? Every team has draft choices explore nfl options. Have the TiCats been better or worse in that area?

Your bold & fairly disrespectful statement needs proof…

… if I may be as bold.

Could add FenderGuy that Gaydosh, although unfortunately injured this season, stepped in well in 2014 when he came back from the NFL about the time that Bulcke was lost for the remainder of the season. I agree that we probably could have used Giguere this season given that his replacement (Watt) was injured before the season ever started but we did get to see that Coates has become a good receiver (Aprile can be gone as far as I’m concerned). Still waiting to see what Evan Gill brings to the team (has he EVER played a snap?).