Ticat Desktop Wallpapers

how about a couple new ones with the new sched or somthing, i have my old corey holmes one up from last season and it reads 2006 sched :frowning:
maby make 1 with jesse lumsden or sombody who will be around the team longer then last years wallpapers lol

4 out of 7 players on last years wallapper r gone now.

and 11 of 17 wallpaper players are gone aswell lol

Ah, nostalgia.....

I checked CBC.ca for their usual desktop offering (a CBC TV schedule for each individual team in their colours), but the 2007 ones don't seem to be up. If and when I see them, I'll post a link.

Oski Wee Wee,

Or you could use the Boston Bruins!!!