TiCat defense

Talk around the Cats is there will be an almost complete (we’d keep Marcell Young, though) rebuild of the Hamilton secondary. If so, then Steinauer’s obvious teaching skills will be of paramount importance. He’ll have to coach ’em up, and coach ’em up fast.
Steinauer’s two biggest coaching influences were Don Sutherin and Rich Stubler.

Both made their coaching careers on versions of bend-but-don’t-break defense, not hard pressure.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/863919--ticats-go-to-back-end-guy-steinauer-as-defensive-co-ordinator]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... -ordinator[/url]

You can’t go wrong throwing around names like Sutherin and Stubler, but if you’re gonna start with (pretty much) all new DBs, how long will it take for them to learn and gel?

I guess a lot of that will depend on how experienced the replacement DBs are, particularly in the CFL.

I’m still concerned about the front 4. While I found some improvement with them last year, for the most part, and in particular during that horrendous slump, they were quite ineffectual and I think they made the DBs look a lot worse than they were. Don’t care how good the DBs are, if the QB has lots of time, eventually receivers will get open, and this is what the number one problem was last year IMO.

Personal changes will come, free agents, trades, etc. Give it time, he was just hired yesterday !!

I'm trying to start a discussion about the Tiger-Cats's defence.

Of course he was just hired and changes will come.

What changes would you like to see, and what areas of the D do you think should be focused on, if any?

Do you want to see rookies, and raw talent being molded by Steinauer, or would you prefer experienced players or some mix depending on positions?

Steve Milton hints at a complete rebuild of the secondary? Do you have any opinions on that? he likes Marcel Young, and thinks he should stay...agree? Disagree?

What's your take on Hamilton's pass rush, LBs and DBs?

Something, anything that can further a football related discussion.

I agree with your original post. The front four will have to be improved. Also, like you have stated, it is difficult to know the quality of the DBs based on last year's Defencive scheme and personnel. Perhaps Orlando's new program will require some changes throughout the D. Hard to say. I would imagine that he is salivating at the quality of LB available.

Above all else, an improvement is needed at tackle and end. If both wide side line positions are improved, the entire D should be improved. The Defence is where I will be paying the most attention next season.

^^^^ Peguese was a noticeable improvement and I look forward to see him right from training camp. Want to keep an eye on Torrey Davis too.

As for the DBs, I'm pretty lost on offering an opinion. It's as if I'm afraid to even think about it.

I did however like seeing Webb at safety for a time.

He likely wants to bring in his own guys who he can mold from the get go. I was going to suggest maybe he wanted to bring in some bigger more physical guys but I never realized how big our DBs already were. I guess they've been fooling me because of the 10 yard cushion they give receivers :expressionless:.

To be honest I wish he wouldn't get rid of all of them but this is just a total freebie year for OS. It feels like the Ti-Cat's have gone with a young DC with a ton of potential and are saying, "Here take a free year and figure this whole DC stuff out. The fans will understand if you struggle because we naturally have the excuse of playing every game away from Hamilton. But in year two, this defense better be top 4 in the league."

Not that I am opposed to this approach because if this organization doesn't figure out how to put a winning product on the field in 2014... things could get very ugly in Tiger-Town.

Also I think getting another Non-Import DL should be at the top of the checklist for the defense. To be honest we could use a few, but carrying one on the roster is just bad management IMO.

^^^ Sounds like you assume OS will have player personnel decision making power.

Obviously Austin is the GM, but I’m sure there’s usually a collaborative process in which key coaches are involved, but I really wonder how much sway OS will really have in picking and choosing “his” players. I don’t think we’ll ever really know who has how much influence in such decisions, but again, ultimately, that’s the GM’s responsibility.

Keep Geoff Tisdale,Bo Smith, Dee Webb, Brandon Peguese, Torrey Davis, the LB corps (excluding Rey Williams), and sign Chris Thompson.

Basic premise of the front 4 with improved play no question. As far as the rest, I don't know enough to make any suggestions. Without pressure on the qb though it's tough on the db's and backers.

The guys I would keep on defence and free agents to take a close look at

DE Brandon Peguese
DT Terrence More
DT Torrey Davis

LB Markeith Knowlton
LB Jamall Johnson
LB Rookie Non Import Frederick Plesius ( If not at an NFL camp )
LB Draft highly touted LB # 1 overall Bo Lokombo out of Oregon

I realize this guy could be NFL bound but he is so worth the risk and would be a certain ratio buster if Plesius isn't .
Boseko Lokombo finished his junior season with over 50 tackles. He says he can bench 295 pounds and has a 34-inch vertical jump. Oregon, which at one stage this season held the No. 1 spot in the Associated Press rankings, heads into the Fiesta Bowl at No. 5, its drop coming after a late-season loss to Stanford, its only blemish in 12 games. Lokombo heads into the game with 34 tackles on the season, as well as a pair of interceptions. While its offence is much-ballyhooed, Oregon’s defence leads the NCAA with 24 interceptions.

DB Dee Webb
DB Ricardo Colclough
DB Carlos Thomas
DB Rookie Non Import Courtney Stephen

SIGN DB Jonathon Heffney

See if Steinauer can convince impressive rookie ex argos DB Ahmad Carrol out of retirement as well as Willie Pile .

as well Ejiro Kuale # 5 om the Argos last year was released ( heard it was to let him tryout for NFL ? ) HE CAN PLAY MLB too .

ALSO JUST TODAY THE Double Blue release DT Armond Armstead ..He was an all-star last year . Not sure what this is all about ? maybe they need the money to sign Eppelle , Foley , Kackert ?

Peach ( overpayed for an average lineman ) , Boudreau (s ok but not fast or big enough , Summers (didn't see emough of him ( Orlando coached him ) , Rey Williams ( Geat tools of speed and strength but terrible football sense ) , Tisdale ( stock has dropped and would cost more than worth ) , Young ( beat too much ) , Murullo ( beat too much ) , Hinds ( too soft , stock droppeed ) , Chris W ( FREE AGENT - BEWAT TOO MUCH ) , Bo Smith ( Beat too much ) , Grahm ( beat too much ) jEiben ( Time for special teams only ) , Mcleveen ( did not show enough )

I'd say spend the money saved on not keeping Peach, Rey Williams, Bo Smith , Mcleveen etc on the 3 guys mentioned above . We would need to bring in some Middle Linebackers to take a look at unless ELIMIMIAN is available or if the fellwo that just retired from the ARGOS is available :