Ticat defence looking to im-press

Nice piece by Steve Milton in regards to what to expect form Chamblin's defence, and what Marcel wanted a change in defensive philosophy.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/543068--ticat-defence-looking-to-im-press]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... o-im-press[/url]
Marshall played a bend-don’t-break system based primarily on zone pass coverage and driving fans crazy. It was very effective most of the time, but too often at the end of tight games Cat defenders were letting short passes be caught in front of them in their zone and the game would bleed away through a thousand tiny cuts.

That said, Marshall was also working with what he had. Which wasn’t enough, especially to play man-to-man defence. You’ll notice that one starting linebacker and a couple of defensive backs are no longer in the fold, because Marcel Bellefeuille and Bob O’Billovich knew what defensive strategy lay ahead.

They wanted more pressure from the defence, more aggressiveness and, yes, more risk taking. And they hired the guy who would coach it up for them.

Chamblin arrives here from his post as defensive backfield coach in Calgary. His Stamps — consider Dwight Anderson and Brandon Bower — reeked of ball-hawking aggression. They played mostly man-to-man, challenged hard and sometimes got beaten. And when you get beaten in man-to-man it usually changes the scoreboard.

i couldnt be happier with the change, i was getting sick of pulling my hair out when we would give up short little dump passes ALL game

im loving what Chamblin is doing, cant wait to see his defence put into action

word is we could see as many as 3 Rookies starting at CB and Half.
That Worries me

This is good news
Aggressive style defence, sounds like an old style Hamilton type defence to me.
Gotta love it!!!!

I absolutely love it, so sick to death of the bend but don't break, well okay maybe a little break defense.I want our front 7 to pop QB's all game long and I want our team to lead in almost all defensive stats.Mostly, I WANT WINS AND A CUP! GO CATS GO! :rockin: