Ticat DBs: don't hit Edwards hard on Monday

Below is part of a story from The Canadian Press. It states that Bomber receiver Terrence Edwards has been slow to recover from a concussion from a vicious, cheap, behind-the-play hit by Montreal's Shea Emry. Edwards is returning to the lineup and will play Thanksgiving Day Monday in that ultracrucial game against the Tiger-Cats.
It sounds as if he hasn't fully recovered his memory; yet the Bombers have made the decision to play him, and the Bombers seem to be imploring the Tiger-Cats not to take cheap shots at him. I wonder if that also means not to hit him too hard in any event: a receiver coming across the middle can be hit just as hard legally, as illegally, as I'm sure they know. It's football, and players get hurt.
Three points:

  1. don't put the onus for Terrence Edwards' health, and future, on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
  2. if you have any doubts at all about the extent of Edwards' recovery, put the player first and do not play him. Do the right thing and sit him out. If he plays, he could be hurt. Terrence Edwards is your responsibility.
  3. I've never heard of a pro football team making comments such as this.

Any thoughts?

Already suffering from a turf-toe injury, Edwards, 30, said he experienced some wicked headaches and unexplained emotional highs and lows the first few days after the hit.
"My memory's coming back," Edwards said. "That's something I don't wish on anybody, not knowing what happened. You lose five, six minutes of your life that you'll never get back."
He doesn't think any Ticats will take cheap shots at him.
Bombers quarterback Michael Bishop doesn't want that to happen either, and he's eager to toss the ball to the reliable target.
"We've just got to get (Edwards) involved in the game, get him involved early and let him protect himself," Bishop said.
"You don't want to get him hit and have the same thing happen again. Hopefully there's good guys in the secondary in Hamilton that won't take cheap shots at him and try to knock him out of the game."

here's the link:

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2009/10/10/11366706-cp.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 06-cp.html[/url]

They can hit him as hard as they want as long as it's legal. He and the coaches should know that and not allow him onto the field until he is ready. Boy will he be sorry if he catches one near Jykine Bradley.

I wouldn't say it's so much as imploring but more like a warning perhaps. That hit on Edwards was such a cheap shot and you can bet the next time the Blue play against the Als there will be some hard, legit hits on their players. I see it more as warning that if the ticats resort to similar dirty, cheap shots, the Blue will not stand for it. Also, in regards to Edwards' memory, that is something he will probaby never get back as he was completely knocked out. The Bombers would not be putting him in if they were not fully convinced that he was good to go.

Regardless, it should be a good, close game. GO BOMBERS!!

I see it as the Bombers imploring the Cats to take his health into consideration because they have no intention of being the bad guys knowing full well they are putting him at extreme risk. Whoever the team doctor is should be treating this far more seriously if the quotes are accurate. I'd say if he gets hurt there is a case against both the team and the team doctor

That's like saying let's play 2 hand touch but don't touch this kid because he has a rare skin disease and may die. They're trying to throw him into the mix and make us take it easy on him, and if we do he'll burn us. Then next thing you know, someone will lay some wood on him, he'll be squirming on the turf and they'll try to blame the Cat's for hurting him when really it's just Kelly and the Team doctor being complete morons... again.

I don't know how so much can be read into one article regarding Edwards. Maybe this article (an actual interview with Edwards himself) will help clear the air a bit about team doctors, Edwards not being ready, etc.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/no-head-games-please-63834882.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 34882.html[/url]

"I talked to the docs and we went over the medical reports and talked about the guys who, over the years, have had concussions. It's really something you don't want to play with," Edwards said. "That's why I didn't want to come back early. I told the coach, 'I love my team; I want to be here. But I'm not going to rush myself to come back.' I didn't want to go back at 80-85 per cent and not be at full strength. I didn't want to take another hit and not be able to get up or be one of those guys that couldn't do things at later ages in life. But not playing again never crossed my mind." - Terrence Edwards

The Bombers are simply saying, NO CHEAP SHOTS, as it should be.

Agreed! If Edwards is as severe as the Bombers would have us believe, they along with Edwards need their heads examined. As far as I’m concerned, if Edwards is on the field, he should be subjected to the same treatment as the rest of the players.

8) I don't understand what you are talking about !!!
 The article states quite clearly, that Edwards is now  "Symptom Free".

 Do you actually think he would be cleared to play by the medical staff, if he was still experiencing any

  problems  ???   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

That's because the article says one thing while the Bomber organization says something else.

I can't see a Dr. clearing him to play if he is still having a problem,remember this is a Mike Kelly team so you have to take everything they say with a grain of salt . Lot of BS

What? "please no cheep shots!" What are we Stamps or Mtl? I Dont think we will be taking any cheep shots! HIT EDWARDS!!! HIT HIM HARD!!! But hit him CLEAN! I never like cheep shots! If you hafta state to not take cheep shots perhaps you shouldnt be playing if ur afraid to get hit!

it happens all the time: shots that are basically 'kill shots' but are legal.
two that come to mind, and there are dozens of others:

  1. kenny wheaton, argos, on jason french, tiger-cats, 2008. french got up from the hit, walked off the field, never played again.
  2. rob hitchcock on tyree davis, alouettes: davis actually KO'd coming over the middle. never the same after that, plagued by dropsies. had animosity towards hitchcock even when both played on the 2003 tiger-cats.

point is: it doesn't have to be a cheap shot to end a career, or ...
we all know how athletes who've had concussions become susceptible, with less-impactful collisions causing further, irreparable damage: brent lindros, mat dunnigan, dave dickenson, buck pierce (another tragedy waiting to happen).
to terrence edwards: don't let this happen to you.
to tiger-cat defensive backs and linebackers and linemen having their pizza and video tonight: just play your game ... what else can you do?

Agree 100%. If the risk to the player is severe enough that the opposing team is being asked to make special considerations, it's the team doctor's responsibility to withhold medical clearance. Football is dangerous enough without adding players to the field who shouldn't be cleared to begin with. If Edwards suffers a life-altering injury Monday, I hope that doctor can sleep at night. :?

I think that Cats n Pac has taken one "cheep" shot too many.

What does all of this have to to with the Stamps or Montreal????

Tipper said it straight ....Nope , never , notta If he plays hes been Cleared 100% its 2009 not 1988 .
And if he is playing hes no different . Wild turkey time Drop him just like any other bird ....

P:s 18 hours till game time ......Yeah baby

The worst thing in the world they could do is asking someone to take it easy on a player. I hope somebody flattens this guy tomorrow(legally of course).

Now that's the kind of medical advice I like to hear :wink:
Doctor's orders :lol:
Nah just playin', Edwards is a good guy too bad his coach is such a fool :confused:

THen we got out coach who will not play them tell there 110% better with NO signs of ANY injury, guess thats not to bad! Havin FRESH guys when we play closer to playoffs