Ticat Cuts via "The Scratching Post"

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According to the scratching post, this is who was released:

Big names include Bekasiak, Cohen, Guillory, Manning. Other big news: Kenton Keith added to nine guy injured list.Brown, Castelo, Daneau, Doneff, Harper, Matlock, McFadden, Oliphant, Stephen, Willis. On the one game injured; Ball, Bolden, Boltus, Carlson, Pavlovic, Siskowic.

http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2009/06/cuts.html [url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2009/06/other-cuts.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2009/ ... -cuts.html[/url]

So they cut our first round pick? what a brutal trade

So the tentative list is:


DT J.P Bekasiak*
WR Eddie Cohen
DE Brandon Guillory
DB Sean Manning*
LB Isaac Brown
LB Matt Castelo
OL Francis Daneau*
WR Cassidy Doneff*
DT Alan Harper
DB Melvin Matlock
DL Mike McFadden
OL Dan Oliphant
DB Desman Stephan
WR Jacob Willis

One Game Injured List:

WR David Ball
DL Demonte Bolden
QB Jason Boltus
OL Zac Carlson*
FB Robert Pavlovic*
LB Cameron Siskowic

Nine Game Injured List:

RB Kenton Keith


RB John Williams*

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thats isaac borwn not darcy brown

or was that carlton brown?? im not sure which brown was released…

Darcy Brown, Isaac Brown or Carlton Brown?? hmmmm good question

Settle down! The sky isn't falling.

Even if it was Darcy Brown these guys can still be put on the practice squad.

according to cfl.ca it was carlton brown that was released.

at least Toeaina made it :smiley:

i wasnt kidding when i said Jonathon Brown was getting schooled

"Big names included...."

Still waiting for the big name cuts. Guillory obviously couldnt elevate his game past his competition so bringing in more players was the right move. Bekasiuk was never anything so there's no value lost there, Cohen was barely average. The rest are already forgotten.

Lol i wasnt aware we had more than one Brown on the team.

They can be put on the practice squad, if they clear wavers and accept the low paying spot. Darcy most likely would have been snatched up by another club

If they do pick anyone of the practice squad they have to put them on the active roster right away though.

Doneff really suprised me. He looked good in camp, and we needed him because we were already hurtin for N/I talent at WR as it was. Now we've only got 1 N/I WR. Maybe we could sign Matt Lambros?

Isn't Doneff eligible for another year of university ball?

2 n/i receivers Bauman and Stala

Tiger-Cat make final roster cuts


Rick Zamperin 6/25/2009

http://www.900chml.com/Channels/Reg/New ... ID=1106890

The 2009 Ticats roster looks like this.

QB Quinton Porter, Kevin Glenn, Adam Tafralis,

RB Guillaume Allard-Cameus, Terry Caulley, Tre Smith, DeAndra' Cobb, Andre Sadeghian.

FB Darcy Brown

WR Chris Bauman, Airese Currie, Chris Davis, Drisan James,
Marquay McDaniel, Prechae Rodriguez, Dave Stala

OL Peter Dyakowski, Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, Alexandre Gauthier, Dan Goodspeed,
Marwan Hage, George Hudson, Simeon Rottier, Albert Toeaina

DB Dylan Barker, Sandy Beveridge, Jykine Bradley, Lawrence Gordon, Lamont Reid,
Bo Smith, Chris Thompson, Geoff Tisdale, Cody Williams, Raymond Wladichuk

LB Auggie Barrenechea, Isaac Brown, Yannick Carter, Otis Floyd,
Dennis Haley, Markeith Knowlton, Ray Mariuz

DL Garrett McIntyre, Darrell Adams, Matt Kirk, Justin Hickman,
Khari Long, Scott McCuaig, Jermaine Reid

ST Nick Setta, Matt Robichaud, Jordan Matechuk

The following players have been added to the 1-game injured list:

WR David Ball, DL Demonte' Bolden, QB Jason Boltus, OL Zac Carlson,
FB Robert Pavlovic, LB Cameron Siskowic.

The Ticats have released the following players:

DL J.P. Bekasiak, DB Carlton Brown, LB Matt Castelo, WR Eddie Cohen,
OL Francis Daneau, WR Cassidy Doneff, DL Brandon Guillory, DL Alan Harper,
S Sean Manning, DB Melvin Matlock, DL Mike McFadden, OL Dan Oliphant,
DB Desman Stephen and WR Jacob Willis.

RB Kenton Keith has been added to the 9-game injured list.

Hamilton has signed RB John Williams.

so now which guys go on the PR

we've got alot of DB's there, eith Williams or Reid will go on the practice roster

we've got too many OL therem probably Toeina will go on the practice roster

i guess isaac brown goes on the PR as well,

still 4 more sports left...

How many players are we down to now??

we have 53 plus the guys on the one game injured list

What happens to the guys on the injured list? Is Ball getting cut, or what?

We have 10 DB's, wtf. lol.

maybe those guys that are on the one game injured list like David Ball will be just out for the home opener and one of those other receivers that we do have could STILL end up being cut and David Ball put on the active roster. If they have a crappy game on July 1st that is. Im hoping thats the case for Ball still. Or maybe just put on the practice roster for now along with Willie Quinnie.

I think we have way too many running backs. Terry Caulley, DeAndra Cobb, Tre Smith, John Williams, Guillaume Allard Cameus and Andre Sadeghian.and we will have kenton keith on the 9 game injured list. Im sure one or two of them will be cut..

because overall, were allowed 46 players and 7 on the practice roster..

Right now, we have 53 players i think and about 8 on the one day injured list and Kenton Keith on the 9 game injured list. So we still have 9 players that we have to cut or am i wrong>?? can we still have a 7 day practice roster and a bunch of guys on the injured list.???