TICAT CUTS - My predictions ---comments appreciated

these cuts are made with the assumption that they will go with one american D-lineman due to the wealth of quality canadians. ( Caver beats out Collier and Josue ) and Butler gets cut having shown nothing and Willimas sticks due to potential and strong arm . The team is still waiting for the other CFL teams cuts to bring in a quality CFL reciever or two ..who knows maybe STOKES ? there is likely something good coming out of Sask .

Dickerson, Kori
Jackson, Jamacia
Davis, Anthony
Arceneaux, Anthony
Pitts, Montavis
Beveridge, Sandy
Delgardo, Sir James
Pride, Raquan
Glasper, Ryan
Hodges, Howard
Josue, Steve
Cook, Damion
Dunbrack, Roger
Witherspoon, Jovan
Robertshaw, Jeff
Gibson, Phil
Kania, Adam
Hogarth, Peter
Gourgues, Carl
Bisaillon, Nicolas
Smith, Tim
Pitts, Montavis
Howry, Keenan
Rempel, Jordan

the tough cuts

Butler, Ian
Shaw, Wayne
Kornegay, Tad
Myers, Mark
Gordon, Lawrence
Bradley, Jykine
Cox, Renard
Timothee, Kevin
Collier, Anthony