TiCat Customer Service

I was very surprised to get a call at home from the TiCat offices today. It was to thank me for making the trek from Toronto to see the Argos at IWS a few weeks ago. They asked if I enjoyed the experience and left me with a phone # to call if I wanted to attend a future game. Same tickets as the ones available from Ticketmaster but without the hassle.

I was shocked and really pleased that someone actually thanked me---Joe-average fan. Marketing through customer service. What a concept.

An Argo fan

If only they could suit up and take to the field, we'd be on our way to Winnipeg.

Apparently the Ticat organization is good at marketing, it's too bad we couldn't be better on the field.

hmmmmm...fishing for "inside info" directly from Argo fans....nice!....Don Matthews wasted all his time on cameras when all he had to do was call the fans at home .....lmao! :lol:

(just kidding of course....our tactic would be to tie you up over an open fire till you spilled the beans...) :wink:

Good post! :thup:

8) And to think, they did that to someone who hates our old star players from the past !!! How ironic eh !!!!!!! :lol:

Hey Barney,

Congratulations on your contact with customer service. I have sent my rep two e-mails asking the same question and a month later I am still waiting for a response. I have relatives coming from England that will be here for a game and I thought that I would see about trading up my seats to get 4 in a row instead of 2 separate pair. Perhaps a Blue Jay game would be more appropriate.

Rob Richardson from your Argosnots sends me the occasional e-mail asking if I am interested in picking up a pair of tickets. So far I have got them from him twice.

But the biggie was at the beginning of last year when the ArgoSNOTS and Scotiabank sponsored a free night for Youth sports teams on opening night (a rematch of the Grey Cup). I ended up taking about 12 kids (Baseball team) and 4 adults. We had a blast with all the kids and my thanks still go out to Rob, Scotiabank and the Argos for the promotion and opportunity.

Cheers and Oski Wuss Wuss

I may have a pair of tickets available for the Labour Day Game if you are thinking about coming down the QEW @ 2 for $25.