TiCat customer service

Kudos to the Cats' customer service people. I had a phonecall yesterday from someone at the Cats office. I wasn't home but the message on my machine stated that they'd noticed that I'd purchased tix directly from them in the past and would I be interested in doing so in the future with a discount. I already have tix for Labor Day plus another game in October so I probably won't be calling them back but I was impressed by their follow-up service.

A great way to build fan loyalty.

An Argo-Cat fan

I have had nothing but positive experiences in my dealings with all the Ticket Reps I've dealt with. They have gone out of their way to help me and they never make me feel like I'm being a pain (even though I'm sure sometimes I am).

Pain? You? Never…

That's funny you should mention that BF.

I get calls two or three times a year from the Blue team office to buy tickets. I regularly buy tickets to see the Cats in the Blue team lair (and occasionally the Bombers - because I have freinds that are Bomber fans) and I guess they have my contact info in their database.

I rarely need to talk to the Ti-Cats staff during the season, I generally only talk to them before the season to pay for my seasons seats.

I have to concur that the Ticket Reps are great.

In particular, I consider Melanie Moreland, Senior Director of Ticket Operations to be absolutely top drawer!

Oh, and if I'm giving praise to people, I can't forget Katie Blake who takes care of my tickets. What a winner.

Truly, the Cats have some great people.

The Staff for our Team is Tops
From Waterboy to Upper Management

And I have yet to get a call from the Argos---ever, which may explain why we go to more games at IWS than here in TO. The effort obviously pays off for teams that make the effort.

An Argo-Cat fan

Ya, I totally love getting stalked by customer service people trying to get me to buy more tickets. Like my 5 season’s tickets aren’t enough. Damn telemarketers, leave me the heck alone!