Ticat Christmas Lights!

Yup..... got given them for my birthday over the weekend. My son and his wife were in Value Village one day and found these. They're little plastic helmets with painted faces (no real players) that can be popped onto tree lights.

Anybody knows when these were sold orignally? I've never seen them before and they weren't in the original packaging box -though in the plastic bad that would have been in the box. Wheoever had them hadn't used them. Can you imagine!!!???

Dammit I want those. We went to the Winking Judge to watch a game and they had them there.

I've still got 3 - 4 strings of them that were given to me........they've been around for quite awhile but I don't think they were ever on store shelves. They were in the stock pile of stuff that Bob inherited from Grant and McDonald.
Mark Bowden will probably know more about them.

And yes, they are pretty cool huh? :slight_smile:

Somebody's gotta come up with Ticat outdoor lights! I wanna see some house all decked out in gold and a projected leaping tiger! (Can't be any more gaudy than normal Christmas stuff...)

Try calling the main store on Jarvis Street. If I remember correctly, there were maybe two sets of these lights there this summer.

FYI, you pretty much need halogens to light them up. The black helmets don't exactly glow ....