TiCat Cartoon In Spectator, Nov. 21

8) For anyone who has not seen the cartoon on the opinion page of the Nov. 21 edition of the Spectator, it is definitely worth
  checking out !!

   It is halarious, and one of the best cartoons I have ever seen in the Spec.  Kudos to "Mackay", for an excellent job !!   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> 

    As even the cartoon points out, any Cat fans who will be making the treck from Hamilton to Guelph, would be advised to
    leave about 4-5 hours early !!  I can just imagine the backup of cars, on good old #6 highway, when 4 or 5000 cars are 
     all heading to the same destination at the same time !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

In reality it could be a line of cars 30km long, unlike IWS where cars would come from 4 directions, they will be coming in one line on #6.
If 5,000 cars with a length each of 4 metres each and seperated by a car length from the car in front then the line of cars would be 30km long! That would be one continuous line from the 403 to Guleph. Good luck waiting for your turn to park.

Oh well, I think we’ll all survive somehow. 8)


And I thought we had it bad heading to Scotiabank Place for Sens games. At least we have public transit (with their own lanes for most of the way) as an alternative.


I'm sure there are more cars commuting in rush hours on Highway 6 than there will be TigerCat fans, many of which will be on the buses to and from the games anyways.

Burlingtonians can go up one of the various lines and come across #7 or #24 and come at the stadium from the east, north-east side thus avoiding Old #6 (Brock) & Stone Church all together. That could help ease some congestion. That's what I plan to do. Nice drive in the country too. Maybe pick up some fruits & veggies and a pie or two while at it!

yes, coming back from Scotiabank place you have TWO lanes plus the bus only lane.
I can’t see many people bussing from Guelph back to Hamilton after a game. Waiting around for a bus and then back to the city and then a local bus home?
I think everyone will drive. I would look for an alternative to the #6

Yawn… The drive to Guelph from Cambridge promises to be quite relaxing. :slight_smile:

Who is talking about the drive from Guelph to Cambridge??? :oops:

I am. The name is Mark. I live in Cambridge. :slight_smile:

Hey, MtnCat, the thread is speaking to probelems in getting to Guelph for 'Cat fans. For one year, some of us to the North and West of the city are the ones getting the easy drive. Rejoice with us!

I'm happy for you Mark! The rest of us need your sympathy. :slight_smile:

Yes, you guys are going to be the lucky ones. We are going to be staying up in Collingwood next summer so I’m hoping to get to a few games. Hopefully, we’ll be on #6 but heading north after the games.