ticat.ca website hurting attendance?

Ok. Its 1:19am on a Thursday and there are, get this, 603 non reg'd users and 23 reg'd users.

Thats 626 people wanting to talk about the Hamilton Tigercats at 2 in the morning!!! Thats incredible. We never had this kind of exposer before Bob Young, that is why he is the ultimate owner and That is why Our attendance, in my opinon will always be very strong. This exposure will only increase attendance over time to the point where with a dominant team(not to far away) sellouts will be the norm! By the way, I'm from Kincardine, Ont, 3 hours away and a proud Season Ticket Holder. I purchased tickets after joining this website! Had to live the "Ivor Wynne" experience!

Go Cats Go

Thats all of the CFL network....but a good chunk of that is ticats.ca

This is one heck of a website for sure, especially since the re-vamping. Makes it much easier to get involved with the team.
A big thank-you to whoever is responsible.

This is Site the Team needed
when Bob Took over Interactive amd Great fun

I`m new here, this site is great fun and reinforces the pride tiger cat fans have!!!