TiCat.ca Forum Starting QB Apology

For all those who have been incessantly insulting OnKnight/Tom's position of KG vs QP, here is your thread for saying "I'm sorry".

I will not apologise for having an opinion and nor should anyone else



Fine. Just admit you were wrong then.

You do know you voted for Glenn ...don't you? :roll: :roll:

childish grow up please this is not necessary as our record falls to 6-9 regardless of who plays qb or the stats

500 yards is all well and good but we still lost

glenns record as a starter is still sub par

You're the man onknight, The coach has to take responsibility for this if we don't make the playoffs

Haha...what's funny is he doesn't realize he wanted Glenn to start.

a loss is a loss, who know,s what Q.P would have done, does it matter who is playing QB if the Defence can,t cover or stop a second string qb?

Torquil ,you're killing me. :lol: :lol:

Just shows how childish you are.

Believe it or not, I want the team to win, as well. I just don't think that all the criticism against Porter is justified. Glenn is a good QB. He had a great game. He still lost.

yes maybe i did want glenn to start for this game but thats not the point no one should have to apologise for having an opinion no matter who they feel should play qb

i have not spoke enough for you to know my opinion point is this thread is unecessary and non productive and childish...grow up period

im 21 and more mature than most on here lets be real people

Are you logged in from a government facility ?

Now i question why you people are in this forum ! Are you here to prove something or here to learn and support your team ?

Insulting is what happened last weeks game not an argument in a forum discussing a close to heart subject .

And if you look back im not a Porter supporter thats for sure ....

Sigpig if don’t like it put me on your foe list
Cause your going on mine…

Our coaching lost this game Our head coach has no killer instinct

Trading field Goals don’t do it

He waist a great effort by Kevin …

That's wierd , I thought everybody was on sigpigs foe list. :lol:

...At least that's what he keeps telling everyone. :roll:

Yo onknight explain too everyone why you deserve an apoligy in forum where arguments and debates are par the course .What do you have on the rest of us besides a follower that speaks on your behalf oh and a website that could be debated as not very good in original material just a bunch of cut and paste .

Speak man shes making you look worse then you allready did before her post ....

This is squarely on MB. No offense to the fellow fans but we dont get paid to make QB decisions.. I might disagree with what people's opinions are about the cats.. but in the end I know we're all just 'armchair' coaches and GM's.

But theres no excuse for the head coach to have screwed us like this with his 'opinion' on QP being a starter.

Unless you have that one in a million player that just produces right out of the blocks, you have to let the damn player develop on the sidelines... watch, listen, learn. Throwing them to the wolves night after night isnt going to force them to develop quicker/better.

Did I ask for one .. No ...
Someone else made this thread. lol
I just Responded too it.

I just like proving my point and Gloating to the Glen Bashers


Grow up.
We still lost the game!!!!
Last fall we beat Montreal with Porter and a much weaker team.
No apologies needed from anyone for anything re the Porter/Glenn controversy.
Glenn is back in. It was a good move. He played well today.
And so it goes.
This team is still a work in progress... there is no point in yukking it up because of Glenn.
Let's hope they can come up with another lively showing on Friday.
Only when you play Montreal can you score 38 points and still lose. :cry:

A couple things.

I wore a green uniform for 20 years, to protects the silly S.O.B.'s on their soapboxes that they might have their "say", whether or not I agreed with it. Any one can be right, and anyone can be wrong, its "free speech", and its worth having and protecting.

The TiCat season could very easily have gone different directions, and we are hardly out of it this date. We can put together some wins, and still emerge in second place, and Montreal is looking kind of "banged up"; that could well result in our appearance in the Grey Cup, and, as I've said before, "on any given Sunday" we can beat any team in this League, Rob Black's opinions and predjudices notwithstanding.