TiCat Bucknor an inspiration to the community

DB Matt Bucknor recently to spoke to a youth group at the Volunteer Hamilton Centre in Hamilton this past Saturday which provides workshops showcasing positive role models and providing academic support for local youths.

The weekly workshops also touch on communications skills, conflict resolution and antibullying.
Bucknor was kind enough to donate his time and relay on personal experiences overcoming obstacles and achieving life goals.

a fine gentlemen in my books. :thup:
(and a fine player as well!)

[b]Bucknor, who had 43 tackles in his first season with the Ticats, said his dream growing up was to play in professional sports. He met people who told him he was not fast enough, strong enough or smart enough; but he worked at it and kept his eye on the goal.

He recommended writing a list of goals and posting it on a mirror so you can see it every day.

To help him in his CFL job, he has a picture of a Grey Cup ring on his cellphone that helps remind him of that goal.

“It’s a team effort, but I’ve got to make sure I do my part,? Bucknor said.[/b]

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/925884--ticat-positive-role-model-for-black-youth]http://www.thespec.com/news/local/artic ... lack-youth[/url]

He also plays in our touch football league at soccer world, very chill guy and he's offered our team tips and such on several occasions :thup: :thup:

very cool 15_champs.

Bucknor (and Dyakowski) also recently visited St. Peter elementary school in Guelph this past Wednesday as part the organization’s BeFit initiative which sends Tiger-Cat players into classrooms to educate children about the importance of a physically active and healthy lifestyle,

It is players like these who make the community proud and the TiCats/CFL a dear institution. :thup:

Matt Bucknor is joining fellow Ticat Mike Filer at this Saturday's (May 11th) Climb for Cancer during the Ron Lancaster Memorial Climb at 12 noon. Join in the climb by coming to the Chedoke stairs by 11 am, and register for the 12 noon climb. All proceeds go to the Juravinske Regional Cancer Centre!

That's great. We have so many community minded guys on this team. I don't think there is a more generous team in the league than our Ticats. They give their time and money to help others. It's amazing to see.