TiCat Bobbleheads

Atop my mantle sits the limited edition Kevin Glenn bobblehead which I received at the last TiCat home game against Edmonton.

It is a fantastic addition to my small collection of TiCat memorabilia and provides me a sense of majestic pride for a team I've followed since late adolescence.

As a minor hobby collector, (as many of my friends are) I believe it may be a great marketing idea if player bobbleheads/figurines were given out at each home game comprising a different TiCat player for each promotion.

I'm certain most fans/enthusiasts alike would love to collect the entire series which would simultaneously invoke an added value component and enticement for the Hamilton Tigercat customer.
As well, this type of collectible merchandise can only enhance and propagate brand awaremess, consumer attachment and perpetual display advertising.

Yes, I love my bobblehead and I don't care who knows it! :rockin:

I now have collection Kevin Glen this year and TC From a Few years ago

I'm jealous. :frowning: One of the problems of supporting an out-of-town team. Oh well....

onknight, I’ll trade you my pet rock (any rock from my garden)
for your TC stripes bobblehead…straight up…I’m in a generous mood today. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a fever! And the only prescription is more Hamilton TiCat bobbleheads!

catfan, try contacting the Tigertown merchandise store, or the HTC head office and inquire if any KG bobbleheads are floating around to be shipped to you. Can’t hurt to try.

Or check for a seller online?

Now all I need is for Glenn to sign the bobble. :rockin:

Anyone know if there is any contact info for Glenn?

He’s on the twitterz. @qterback5

Just go to any practice and Im sure he would be happy to sign it for you after practice!
Im planing on doing the same! :rockin:

great. thanks jerkfaceloser (no offense intended) and Bruce13thman. Much obliged.

Where can I find a rundown on practice times? Are all practices at Ivor Wynne? (don’t they practice somewhere in Burlington occasionally?)

Bruce, the Cats are holding practices at Brian Timmins Field today and tomorrow to get used to the grass surface before the game in Moncton. It could be Touchdown Mudlantic depending on the weather conditions.