Ticat Bevy Coozies and Bandana's Fight Cancer Thursday Night

This just in!
Thursday, August 9th!
There will be Ticat bottle coozies and Ticat bandana’s available with a portion of the proceeds going to Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre here in Hamilton.
Look for tables with Wellwood and CFL Fans Fight Cancer volunteers as well as in the merch booths in the stadium.
Note: Free coozie stuffing and ultra cool bandana tying and wearing lessons available by yours truly the night of the game! :wink:
Thanks in advance for helping your fellow Hamiltonian’s fight cancer!
See ya there!

It's Game Day! Ticats vs. Stamps...CFL Fans Fight Cancer selling bevy coozies and bandana's to Support Hamitlon's Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre at the game...GAME DAY!!! GO CATS GO!!!

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a bandana or bottle coozie at the Thursday Aug 9th game!
Surprise, surprise they hold tallboys nicely too!
Both Ticat coozies and bandana's are available throughout the season at the merchandise booths at the Ticat games and their purchase will continue to help Hamilton's Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre.
Thanks again for your support everyone and keep an eye out for the IWS collectable Ticat scarves on Labour Day! :rockin: