Ticat & Argo Fan’s Climb for Ron–and Shave an Argo Fans Head

The Toronto and Hamilton Chapter’s of CFL Fans Fight Cancer are joining forces again in support of a great cause.

From Noon to 1:00 pm on Saturday May 23, 2009, Members of CFL Fans Fight Cancer, a dedicated grass roots cancer fighting cause will be joining Ticats, and Argo players as well as the cheerleaders during the Ron Lancaster Climb portion of the Hamilton Climb for Cancer benefiting the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton. http://www.hhsc.ca/body.cfm?ID=230

The members of CFL Fans Fight Cancer invite all the Ticats.ca community to come out and cheer us on at the Chedoke Golf Course stairs from 12-noon to 1:00. With our knees we’ll need all the support we can get…lol

Or join us for a Post Climb Party and Argo Fan Head Shave at Slainte Irish Pub (33 Bowen Street Hamilton) from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm. There will be raffles and a “Shave the Argo Fan to the Bone? pool. All proceeds raised will be donated between the Wellwood Cancer Support Centre in Hamilton http://www.wellwood.on.ca and Canadian Breast Cancer Association – Toronto Chapter. The hair will also go to make wigs for those experiencing hair loss from cancer treatments.

If you are unable to attend either or these great events and would like to support the days efforts please sponsor the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Ticats/Argos Climb team

http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?SID=2190775 for you secure donation you will receive an electronic tax receipt directly from the event.

Thanks for the time and we look forward to seeing you!
Jarrett “JareCanada? Harris
CFL Fans Fight Cancer Founder

That's awesome! I'll do my best to make it out to the climb, and if not I'll definatly hit up Slainte for the after party.

Great job guys. For a blue team fan, Zach is a pretty nice guy. I admire all the work these guys have done in the fight against cancer. I'm hoping to make it to Slainte at the very least. Who would want to miss seeing a blue team fan get his head shaved? :lol:

Please support the Climb for Cancer by sponsoring one of us online.

Secure online donations can be made with your credit card and an electronic tax receipt will be sent to you by e-mail.

Here are the current links for sponsoring one of us:

Randy (ticatfan)


Zach (fphnebitz)


Jarrett (jarecanada)


Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

One more for the Climb:


[url=http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=657680&LangPref=en-CA]http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?re ... Pref=en-CA[/url]

BUMP :rockin:

For anyone going to the Cat's Claws' dinner.

I'll be at the door, I'll be accepting pledges for the stair climb, just let me know you want to make a donation.


FYI: The Slainte event after the Climb will have pleny of Ticats hats and t-shirts as give aways.

We hope you can join us!

It's not to late to sponsor the Ticats.ca-CFL Fans Fight Cancer team in the Ron Lancaster memorial climb.

Use the links above to support our efforts on behalf of the Ticats.ca fan community and recieve an tax receipt emailed to you immediately after you've securely donated online.

Thanks to those who have donated already and thanks to everyone who will be donating and joining us at Slainte for ice packs for the knees and Argo-fan head shaving!