Ticat -Argo charity event

My wife is taking part in the 'Weekend to End Breast Cancer Walk' (2nd time) she came across that another woman was holding this charity event listed below.

I thought I'd post up the info---since I don't see any info about this anywhere on the site...
we'll be going since she's an argo fan and I'm a Ticat fan--should be fun!

Saturday Jan 13th at 8pm

Sheridan college in Oakville. 1430 Trafalgar Rd.

Tickets are $10.00 People can email Maria and Fergy at fergy1@sympatico.ca

Can I copy and paste this on the CFL discussion forum on Sportsnet?

Sounds like a great event.

yes Earl...that would be awesome...I'm sure the event organizers would like the place packed.
I'm surprised no mention has been made here


Just done. So can you pick up tickets at the door?

Hey there,
I’m eek’s wife. (the Argos fan…lol)
I checked the ticat site and they do have the event listed if you go to the community page, and I think it was under Around Town.
The Argo page however does not have it listed, and I don’t see a message board either!

If you want tickets reserved and held for you at the door, just email Maria at the sympatico email that my husband posted above.
It starts at 8pm but I would try to get there a bit earlier, as she said there’s usually a line up (they’re done this event prior years)

It’s for a wonderful cause (the Weekend to End Breast Cancer www.endcancer.ca). I only hope I can come up with such a great fundraising event idea for my part in the walk!

Look for my husband and I there, I’ll be the one with short blue hair cheering on the Argos! :stuck_out_tongue:

We just might be up to this...sounds like fun...Anybody else going?

The cattmann will probably be going down.

We definately will be there! Some are talking about a pre-game tailgate at a pub nearby around 6:00 tentatively.

I'll post a firm place and time here, once it is decided. All are welcome to join in.

This is a Good Cause :thup: and a great opportunity to get together. :thup: :thup:

CFL Fans Fight Cancer, wishes all the players the all the best luck with the game.

I hope you raise a ton of money. Unfortunately, I'll be in Rochester seeing my Toronto Rock start their new season off.

But if I didn't have my tickets in hand for that game I'd be supporting the cause at the basketball game.

Have fun and raise a ton (of money)!

Anybody interested in getting together for a bite to eat, a couple of drinks and a laugh...

"Monaghan's"...on Trafalgar road, right across from Sheridan College. A few are getting together from 5:30pm on. Stop in and say Hi!

just an FYI....

Final Score Argos 48, Ti-Cats 39. :twisted:

Even though the score was in argos favour it was still an awesome event and a great turn out i'd have to say. I liked it a lot and it was for a great cause. After the game people got to talk to the players for a Bit and get some autographs, overall it was a fun time. :rockin: