Ticat and Argo memories on the Fan 590 Friday

First up, it's Leo Cahill. He'll join Chris Schultz and me for "Football Friday" starting at 9am.

Oakville's Steve Christie will also join us in that hour.

Later on the Bullpen "Pigskin Pete" will be on the show. We'll talk to Paul about his many years of "Oskie Wee Weeing" at Ivor Wynne.

Fan 590 in Toronto.


Channel 959 on Express-Vu

You can also podcast "Football Friday" at the website.


Leo’s still got it. I saw him at a community event in September of 2004 (the last time our team was competitive). I said “Ticats are going to the Grey Cup!”

Without missing a beat he replied “I hope they get good seats.”

Your Football Friday is quite excellent, keep up the good work. :thup:

Too bad you can't do one strictly for Canadian football, but I do appreciate the effort you put into covering CFL and CIS football, as well as minor football.

Leo is still alive??? I must have him mixed up with someone else.

Leo Cahill is alive and well and living in Sarnia, Ontario. In fact, he is still connected with the current Argos as a sort of a goodwill ambassador. They have established a high school coaching award in his name too.

An Argo fan


sounds like a great line-up!

Football Fridays on the fan!!! and it all starts in about a half-hour

Sarnia? What's he doing there, connecting up with the ghost of Ormond Beach?

Tune in now.

Great to hear Larry Silver doing the sports. Geez, I remember him when he was with CHML radio in Hamilton a couple years ago ... really enjoyed his talk shows.

Now .... it's SHOWTIME!


They didn’t call him Leo the lip for nothing.
I said to him last year when I was talking to him “you know Leo I was never one of those fans singing goodbye Leo” and as you say without missing a beat he said “I didn’t think I recognized your voice”.
The Argos were always front page when Leo was in town.

I'm really disappointed that Leo is never considered for the HOF in Hamilton. For many of us, he is still the personification of a generation of the Argos (late 60s-early 70s). His W-L record may not have been great but he was a great innovator, recruiter, CFL booster. Arguable, his legacy (i.e. a legion of hard-core Argo/CFL fans) kept the franchise alive during some bleak times, long after he'd left.

An Argo fan

Barney, I have to agree with you there. He may make it as a builder someday.

A Tiger Cat fan