Ticat all-stars

OK, let's face it folks, whether we make the playoffs or not, we can all agree our Tabbies are miles better then where they've been the past few years. They are laying the groundwork for success in the future.

That being said, I was filling out the online ballot for the CFL All-stars. I always fill them out truthfully and honestly, unlike many (like Rider fans) who simply vote for players on their team. The problem is, I can only find three Ticats who would make the East division All-star team:

WR- Arland Bruce III
LB- Jamall Johnson
LB - Markeith Knowlton

Cobb has had a great year, but won't beat out Reid or Cobourne.
We're one of the worst for giving up sacks, so I doubt any of our O-linemen will make it.
Defensive line won't make it.
Our secondary's decent, but not all-star worthy, IMHO.
Neither of our QBs will beat Calvillo.

Not a big deal, I guess. Just surprising considering how much better our team has played over past years.

What do you think?

Part of that is on QP who holds on to the ball too long and also is averse to throwing it away.

That's true... they do give up less sacks when Glenn plays.

Hage maybe?? or Gauthier??

I would pick Glenn to be on the All-star team, and of course Calvillo from Montreal, they could both play a half. Apparently these two guys are mature enough to share.
The O line is fine as they proved this past weekened.
Doc 8)

Don't really want to nitpick, but. . .

Cobb has had a good year.

I would not say that he has had a great year.

I really agree 100%. If you take out the 2 B.C. Lion games then he has probably had a average year.

Not sure how Otis Floyd matches up against other middle Linebackers in the east, but I think he would have a better chance than Knowlton.

Floyd is a little more passionate and vocal, but look at the stats. Knowlton has the FF, Fumble returns, INTs, sacks and is second in the league in tackles.

Floyd’s a leader, but Knowlton’s just all over the field.

First off, Cobb might not make it to the All-Star team but for sure he will win the Top Rookie Award at the Grey Cup Awards, I believe only one other player was mentioned by TSN commentators as someone playing for the Lions but how how could any of the voters pass up the job Cobb has done for the Cats this year, what a great find by Obie indeed.

As fare as the other All-Star selections, I agree in Bruce, Gauthier and Johnson. If Cats can pull off a Win in T.O. and a win at home against Sask they could add some playoff time in hosting a playoff berth at Ivor Wynne to their awards shelf that would be the best to see out of everything, I'm sure all players and fans would agree.

Cobb has been a good find who has had a couple of big games but he is certainly in tough against Cobourne and Reid.

As far as Rookie of the year...isn't Hefney a rookie? If so, he's got my vote.

I hate to agree with Als4ever lol, but I think Hefney will take it over Cobb as well. I hate Hefney

Johnson is a no-brainer
Floyd makes a good argument
I'd agree with Bruce and Knowlton

Looks like we can vote for a ST player too. If so I'd go with Barker. He's been a beast on ST. Carter has been pretty good there too.

Martell Mallet of the B.C. Lions will easily win the CFL Rookie of the Year Award, hands down, not even close. Cybercat, I guess you only watch Ticat games?

HEY BG........I'm a nice guy you know........it's OK for u to agree with me once in a while!

Oh I don't believe that's a "for sure" at all.

I'd expect Hefney to be the eastern nominee for top rookie (and he should), with Mallet the western nominee (and he should as well).

Cobb's had 2 great games. . . and a series of other games in which he's been adequate to mediocre. Not good enough for rookie of the year in my opinion, and again in my opinion he's been nowhere near as effective on a consistent basis as either Hefney or Mallet.

IMO Cobb was a good find and a keeper, who is being mis(under)used a bit. I think we need another back, like a healthy Cauley for running up the middle. Cobb had a pretty good year for a rookie, but because of the way we use him, looks pretty ordinary sometimes. Stats wise, he doesn't compare well to other feature backs. Total Yards, TD's, Touches, Fumbles.

All Star Not this year Keeper Oh Yea!

IMO Cobb is too 1-dimensional to be a feature back on any team. He's also useless in the redzone.

I think we're still hunting for our RB.


I would like to see him at slot, perhaps.

I disagree that he's one dimensional, he catches well and blocks well, and he makes some crazy cuts in traffic to make something out of nothing. To me it looks more like the play calling doesn't go to him as often as it could. I might be missing something but this Offense does not run screen plays often or well, or many plays that get Cobb downfield with coverage from a LB like they used to run with Ron Williams. The fact that Cobb also caught the Als LB on the fumble was also pretty impressive.

That being said, Mallet has the bigger stats and thus will more likely win the award for rookie, and Colbourne and Reid are still ahead as all stars.

You're entitled to your opinion. However, I would point out that our running up the middle has been awful this year and Cobb, despite his speed, has been terrible in the Red Zone. He's part of the reason we don't run in the red anymore.

For the life of me I will never understand why they don't slot Caulley in after they reach the 20.

If you look at the stats if Cobb had 50 more rushes with his average he would be right their with the big boys in the CFL . A very good rookie and gets my vote for rookie of the year in the East !!!

Ah....we are going to play the "if" game again. Havent we heard this kind of reasoning before?

Cobb is a great find, a good rookie but Hefney has been one of the best defensive players in the league this year.

Cobb, while good, is not close to being one of the best RBs in the league. Not yet anyway.