Tibesar Als' new DC

Well, the speculation is over. TSN is announcing that Tibesar is the Als' new DC. Let's wish him well in 2011.

Always great to see someone promoted. A real jump in pay too ! :thup:

Good luck Coach Tibesar

Keeps the organization vibrant to promote from within. I am really curious to see how Tibesar puts his stamp on this defense. I'll say this: he's done an ace job with our linebackers since taking over from Casey Creehan in 2009. In 2008, linebacker was not a particularly strong spot for us, despite the talent we had at that position (T.J. Hill, Reggie Hunt, Diamond Ferri). From 2009 onward, our linebackers have become a dominant force. Obviously, it helps to have an array of linebacker talent (Cox, Emry, Ferri, Guzman), but I've been impressed with the way they fly to the football.

So far there has been less changes than I figured you would see. Of course with Cobourne, Cahoon's and Calvillo status to determine it could still all change but so far I see more positives than negatives and I'm not pointing at Burke leaving but overhall we have not lost Bourke or Green to the NFL, most of the FA are signed and those that were looking for new opportunities followed their heart :slight_smile:

I hope the Alouettes will consider giving the defensive-backs coaching job to Baron Miles.
Miles has expressed interest in the position
As an Alouettes "legend" he'd certainly be a good fit in Montreal
Might just be the spark to whip the secondary back into shape
After a somewhat shaky 2010

I dont think its Montreal’s job to give . Isn’t Miles still under contract in BC?

That would be a good move, Senior, but I echo Flag's concern? Is he available?

Well it's like I posted in the other thread. . . we'll offer him the position of secondary coach and assistant to the assistant head coach, thus rendering it a "promotion".

Sounds like something Tillman would think up, not Popp.
If he's under contract, he's under contract. Also Baron left via free agency did he not ? (I'm not sure).

Yes, Miles was not signed by Alouettes and left to go to BC. Mathews felt he lost a step and let him go. He played 5 years in BC almost as long as in Montreal-7 years.
He is one year into a job defensive coach specializing in safteies and assistant in player personel.

There is thought that he is being groomed in a number of areas but being only one year removed from playing he is being brought along slowly.

Perhaps he could be pried. But as of now he has a contract and this will be his 7th year in BC. he’s very well regarded.

C'est une bonne chose de pouvoir promouvoir ses entraîneurs. Le défi de Tibesar sera grand, après le défensives que les Alouettes ont eues au cours des trois dernières années. Mais cette promotion a l'avantage de rendre l'équipe attrayante pour des jeunes entraîneurs de qualité qui veulent avoir une chance de gravir les échelons. Ça crée de l'espoir. Si Tibesar relève le défi, ce sera un autre beau coup de chapeau.

If the Als are able to secure a permanent practice field this year instead of the bussing-around nonsense they had to endure in 2010, Tibesar's transition to DC should be easier.