Ti Underwood released

Hamilton Tiger-CatsVerified account ?@Ticats 5m5 minutes ago
The #Ticats have released international wide receiver Tiquan Underwood.

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 3m3 minutes ago
The #Ticats have release WR @TiUnderwood. GREAT dude.. he'll find work quick. #CFL

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 4m4 minutes ago
A day after signing REC Tommy Streeter, #Ticats release REC @TiUnderwood. Those things are related. #CFL

Man, I liked this guy as a player. He really came on late last year and into the playoffs.

Good luck sir. I hope you can continue your career in the CFL.

I hope there wasn't some bias against his hair. That would be hairism and bad.

More likely a bias against his hands of stone.

Underwood made some plays here, but his release sends a strong message to the team, namely if you don't do your job when it really counts, and it hurts the team, you will be replaced fast.

They made their decision even before Streeter has had some game time.

That was quick.

Always seemed like a good guy and hes got the best hair in the league but just not dominant enough speed-wise, strength-wise, size-wise or hands-wise for tht spot.

I think the decision was made as soon as Underwood dropped that sure handed TD pass that might have won the game against Winnipeg at THF earlier in the season. That was the last time that he was activated for a game this season and never found his way back into the line-up and rotation after that.

I liked Underwood , he had his moments last year and did some good things here but unfortunately I think it was multiple things that did him in here.

#1.....the aforementioned dropped TD pass against Winnipeg
#2.....Toliver returning to the lineup from the injury list
#3....Inconsistency and reliability game in ,game out.
#4.....the signing of Streeter
#5.....his hair (just kidding on this one :wink: )

I'm sure that the way this league works that with injuries and all that Tiquan will resurface eventually and find employment elsewhere with one of the other 8 teams at some point this season.

Sorry to see him go - seemed like a good guy and loved the excitement he brought to the game (and his hair). Hopefully this release doesn’t come back to bite us.

Are you sure it wasn't "the hair" Bobo??


LOL !!!! Yup , it was "the hair"alright, it was getting out of control and the team couldn't find a helmet that would fit anymore on that lid of Underwood. :slight_smile: :wink:

How about that...a human exclamation mark.!!!

Underwood seemed like a really decent guy, and as everyone noted has possibly the greatest high top haircut of all time, but guess it was just a numbers game.

He should definitely find work elsewhere in the league, I'd be shocked if he didn't get at least one more shot.

I think they want size out there, Streeter 6’5 same height as Tolliver.

I rather liked the guy, but KA is following the OB concept, that if there's a better guy, you hire him.

Having two 6'-5" receivers with more or less blinding speed, with Fantuz Tasker Banks and Owens is going to give a lot of Defences a lot of headaches.

Yeah but with the haircut Ti must be at least 6' 5". :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously though, it's always sad to see a player get cut. I hope he finds a spot on another team. :thup:

Hope it is not another Ellingston, McQuay, etc that will come back to bite us! This Streeter guy better be good.

Streeter is also a guy that was on the Neg List; meaning that if he wanted to sign, the Ti-Cats had to sign him and find a place on the roster.

8) There is no comparison between Underwood vs Tolliver, Tolliver is way better, hands down !!
   Obviously Austin was not happy at all with Underwood, and that  is why Streeter is now replacing him !!

    The Cats didn't have Streeter  on their neg. list for the past year, for nothing.

Unless your name is Jeramiah Masoli

Guess that given catch he dropped vs WPG sunk the funk