Ti-Kitties sad to see Starters Leave

Isnt it awful to see players do better on different teams?
D.Flick .WR
K.Peterson .WR
A.Justin .DB
T.Kornegay .DB

What do you think of these players? :smiley:

I think they were great on the ticats but AMAZING on their new teams.

[quote="inthehouse"]Isnt it awful to see players do better on different teams?


not really, what do you expect with a QB like maas.

dj flick and kamau peterson are playing well

i always thought airibene justin (excuse my spelling) played well here

and i always hated tad kornegay so dont really care about him

and u forgot to mention jamie boreham and wayne smith

both players i also thought played well here

i think we would have success with chang at QB but from wat taafe said in the spec today i think maas will keep getting the start for a while

Don't really care for any of them IMO they are average to good players. Kornegay hasn't even played for the Riders! Kamau Incompleterson has played ok and DJ has made a few plays big deal. Curry, Bauman, Ralph and Gardner are all better then the two guys we lost.

i don't miss tornegay even a tad.
wish we have kept flick but would rather have ralph and bouman than kaamu.
liked wayne smith.