Ti-Cats Will Win Grey Cup in 2009?

Hamilton is the only team in the CFL to have won at least one Grey Cup in each decade since the Grey Cup became played for exclusively by CFL teams in 1954. Hamilton won Grey Cups in:
'63, '65, '67

And before that, Hamilton teams won the Grey cup in every decade from 1900 to 1950.

Yes, sounds nice to me! :rockin:

Wasn't someone predicting an Esks/Cats Grey Cup last year? Maybe it'll happen this year!

Nope. they did not win it in the first decade of the 20th century. Expect that to be the trend that continues.....

The Hamilton Tigers won the Dominion Championship in 1908 before the Grey Cup came into existence. For some reason, the 1908 Tigers were engraved on the Cup when it was made the following year.

Only other team to do that in pro sports - the Montreal Canadiens.

Hence I expect two streaks to end :frowning:

Actually the 1908 Tigers Championships didn't appear until after the 1913 Grey Cup, when the Tigers came into possession of the Cup the team decided to add their 1908 victory to the list. It was done not without good reason since 1908 was supposed to be the first official Grey Cup. That first unofficial victory remained on the cup until it was given a brand new base (I believe in 1972 if I'm not mistaken). That original engraving now sits in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

The Leafs will win a Stanley before Hamilton wins a Grey Cup.

I believe the sun will burn it's self out , before either team wins a championship again.

If an eastern team wins this year, I’d like it to be Hamilton. Their fans have more than deserved a great season after the last 8 years or so.

The East has only won 3 out of the last 11, but the west will be the favs again to win.

keep dreaming!

That's a joke, right? :lol:


The Make-believes? Are you kidding me?

So I don't get it, are you agreeing or disagreeing? I don't see your gist.

I'm sure you'll see an Atlantic Canada team win the Grey Cup before the Maple Laughs win the Stanley Cup! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought they were called the Maple-Laughs!

Maple Laughs

It all works the same! :rockin:

The Cats will win the cup in 09. Just wait and see!