Ti-Cats will retire Angelo Mosca's number

The T-Cats say they're going to retire Big Angie's number, August 27 in a home game against the Als. As a Bomber fan who grew up absolutely hating the guy, I still have to ask: What the heck was the holdup? His number should have been retired 20 years ago! In fact, I thought it was. (link below.)

[url=http://ticats.ca/ticats-to-retire-uniform-number-68-in-honour-of-angelo-mosca/]http://ticats.ca/ticats-to-retire-unifo ... elo-mosca/[/url]
:) :oops:

I hear they are inviting Joe Kapp to unveil the jersey and do the ceremonial handshake. Likely more action in that exchange than most CFL games this year!!!!! Should be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :wink: :wink:

Count me in if they're selling tickets to that. I'm still grinning over their last go-round. Classic!

I thought his number was retired as well.
It almost seems like an insult to do it so long after his retirement. :frowning:

I think part of it also is simply that they want to retire it, before he's too far gone from Alzheimer's to understand what is going on. I will agree though, it should have been done ages ago but better late then never. The fact Mosca's done a lot of charity work in recent years and released his book might also have had something to do with it.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, there's not a lot of numbers between 50-69 that end up being retired due to it being the numbering reserved for linemen.

I believe you're right about that. But 68 in the black-gold-and-white isn't a number we're likely to forget here in the Bomber camp, or anywhere around the league really. I think it's long past time that the big lug was honoured this way.

You beat me to it. Let even it up this time though, they both get a cane. :rockin:

WWE Last man standing match inside a Steel Cage. :rockin: "King Kong" Mosca vs "Krazy" Joe Kapp :rockin:


Typically the Ticats don't retire numbers. They have said so. I think the fact that they made this exception was a great show of respect. Perhaps it should have done sooner but its done now.

I'm putting my money on Mosca in the rematch.

Found this rare photo of Mosca sporting a #64 jersey,can't ever remember him wearing anything but his legendary #68. Does anybody else out there recall as to why or what year that Mosca wore this number ? I'm thinking that it's perhaps from his rookie season in Hamilton before he was traded to Ottawa. I would appreciate it if someone could perhaps explain or elaborate on the strange number change from #64 to #68. :o :?


Also found this rare football card from the "59" season with Mosca sporting a #62 jersey. Once again if anyone can elaborate,it would be much appreciated.