ti cats will beat winnipeg

the tiger cats will get their first win against the blue bombers this weak. final score 21-17 ti cats :rockin: :smiley:

I certainly hope not. The Tigercats are hungry though so I'm certainly not going to look past them yet.

Mmhmm. We'll see about that

I like our chances. I think that our coaches will have a better knowlege of their players' weaknesses and even coaching tendancies. Two of them were bluebombers at this time last year.

Oh yeah baby!

Those Bombers are going to bomb! :slight_smile:

BTW.. I love and agree with your nic name. :slight_smile:

I like our chances even better, our better offence than an ageing Montreals, or a stagnant BC offence that was struggling even with dickenson but still put point on the board with pierce.. not to bash the ticats or anything or guarenty a victory for the bombers but i still prefer our chances :wink:

Granted it was pre-season, but the Hammer has shown up against the Peg. Not to mention, you guys blew a couple of games to Hamiton last year at pretty crucial times in the season. Winipeg has a good defence, but we've got two coaches who know how it was run. Maybe we'll stop shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties and come out on top.

But I do want to see Milt hurry up and get that freaking record.

Just not against us. Milt deserves it, but I watched Damon Allen get his 70,000 yard and I'm tired on alltime records being set against the Tiger-Cats.


HAM 24
WIN 17

Hamilton has a talented team..and sure they beat Winnipeg in pre-season..Not saying that Hamilton has no chance in beating Winnipeg.. But the only thing going for the Ti-Cats is Lumsden..If Bombers try to stop Lumsden and succeed.. Winnipeg will probably win..

At least that opens up other offensive options. Given the correct reads there should be a soft spot 15 yards downfield between the Lbs and DBs if the Bombers overcommit.

Yeah but think this..No team wants Stegall to break the record right..? so they gonna be double or even triple teaming him..leaving guys like Brazzell, Edwards, Armstrong..etc.. and Winnipeg wont over committ..someone like Simpson will try to handle Lumsden...or the D-Line..

Naw Taffe and company know they can't win a game by overcovering Stegall. He's going to get his catches one way or the other.

If its a shadow on Lumsden that still leaves a hole and Lumsden is still a threat

I never said that Lumsden wouldnt be a threat no matter what..but just becuz B.C couldnt handle him doesnt mean that Winnipeg cant..People think that since B.C has a perfect record..they are the best ever..but the thing is Winnipeg has one of the greatest d's in the league..so u gotta think that too.

Let Stegall have his record. What's the big deal? ould be nice to see him set it here. Just make sure we win the game!!!

....nice, I'll take your money and double down on that.

We'll be 0-7 by Aug12th.

.........The Hamilton Tiger Cats........2007, The Year Lost in Limbo!


BC is Perfect because they execute more often and capitalize on the opposing teams mistakes.
They Win, as a Winning TEAM should.
The Cats are still figuring who should be QB, who can catch, and who’s going to be cut next because they are “BUILDING” a team…nuff said.


When the final whistle is blown on this season is when the knives should come out unrepentant if deserving. But till then I believe and support this years Ticat philosophy of an 18 game season to be judged as a whole and objectively. This is a team on the rise, a team that will win, a team that will further earn respect and win the cup. :thup: