Ti-Cats: Wall of Honour / Hall of Fame / Retired number thread (who should be there)

I laugh at the notion of Speedy returning or being on the wall of honour.

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Walk a mile in Speedy's shoes . :+1: He and Earl are the best we ever had IMO .


I don’t doubt there’s still some bitterness there. As for calling these things out while he was a Ticat - these guys know where their bread is buttered. Remember a story about Willie Jefferson complaining about fans in Regina bothering him in public, asking for autographs etc while he was out with his family. Of course he was firmly entrenched in Wpg at the time and likely to retire there. He never would have offered up that nugget to the Leader-Post.

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He's on the bubble for me. I could be persuaded but I would lean towards no. If you don't win a championship you'd better have a very, very compelling case (which I believe Simoni Lawrence has) but while I don't think it's laughable, we are a historic franchise and the wall of honour standard should be very high.


Here, I'll change the subject. :sunglasses:


Rocky has to be in the conversation


Banks meets the on field excellence standard. If theres some kind of personality or community work part of the equation he might have to wait awhile but it should happen.


Remember Brigance well. Sadly he developed ALS in 2007 but remarkably has persevered and is still part of the Ravens organization.


Not winning a championship has to knock you down a peg. We aren't the Los Angeles Clippers here.

Rocky wasn't a punt/kickoff man . I was talking about Earl and Speedy as returners/ receivers .

Winfield set a precedent though.

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Is there a single statistical category Banks is better than Earl in?

Also Earl only played for TC. That matters when talking wall.

Banks won MOP. Extremely rare for a TC.

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DMAC was well traveled before and after he was here. Just sayin.

DMac leads in most statistical categories, double the yards of #2 and won a championship.

Banks isn't as good a receiver as Earl and arguably not as good a returner, no Grey Cup and went to the Argos.

If we're reaching in 10-15 years maybe but I wouldn't be in a rush to get that sign printed.


Less Browne is up on the wall and he played the back half of his career with other teams not called the Tiger-Cats .

I said it matters, especially if you don't win a championship.

Not sure I'd put Less up there for 5 years of service.

It's getting crowded up there in my opinion.


I will say this in regards to Browne being up on the wall and that is the fact that although he had a storied HOF type of career IMO there are other players who were more worthy and deserving that should have been chosen to be up there ahead of him .


Agreed. he'll be waiting awhile.

P.S Having Less Browne up there is ridiculous.


Speedy was a nightmare for the organization. They breathed a sigh of relief when he was cut loose.