Ti-Cats vs Winnipeg

That's a good comeback there EvilDoctor - 8) Cheers

Not to mention boost the overall level of appearance in the stadium. Winnipeg fans arent the most photogenic bunch out there.

We have teeth, thats one up on the Rider fans! Also, we didn't boo our greatest Bomber off the field in his last home game ever! Like the Rider fans did, to the late and great Ron Lancaster in his final home game of his career. Classy bunch you Rider fans ! As for Ti Cat fans, their is not enough of them to really care, what a few of them think!

It's always the best part of losing. I always feel better after roasting a few members of the coaching staff over an open flame.... :smiley:

Man, is this getting old. Anything to say about football, or is hurling idiotic ad hominem insults the best that the Joe Mack fan club can come up with now?

Pretty funny seeing rider & Ticat fans bashing on the Bombers. That’s like X and Y making fun of Z for being the last letter. Hope it makes you losers feel better about your crappy teams!
It’s going to be too funny when we lay a beat down on the toothless tabbies yet again.

Rider fans slinging mud in a Bomber/TiCat game thread, classic.

Just like those "beatdowns" you have put on the Riders the last couple of seasons?.... :? :roll: :roll:

Whose slinging mud? I'm only making an observation.

There's no argument here,

bummers win easily, ticats historically are more often than not, inept, and yes they had a flash in the pan game last week, but will fall flat on their faces this week....

yet again, another reply from you that makes no sence. We have beat the Ticats the last 6 games. What does any games against the Riders have to do with that? :roll: :roll:

Funny how the Ticat fan and Rider fans can dish it out, start yapping first on this thread about the Bombers. But as soon as they get a little back, they start snivelling and whining . Rider fans , maybe wait until you get to 4 grey cups before you start beaking about anything ! ?

Oh, it's so on....

Depending on how the game goes tonight, the forum could get REAL interesting. :cowboy:

It will be close but if Hamilton is actually on the right track they will win. If not , SK or EDM will probably crossover . Buck will add stability to the Offence give Winnipeg a chance.

Not that it makes it much better, but it's the last five games, not the last six. Winnipeg won the first meeting this year and the four last year, but Hamilton took three of four from the Bombers in 2010, including winning the last three.

How about Bombers winning one in the post rotary dial telephone era before you start beaking.

I believe this was the last time we had a regular season win against Winnipeg....


That would be nice to see again. Well worth the penalty for "show-boating". :lol:

I know math isn't a strong suit in SK , but 10 is more than 3 no matter how you slice it. 10 + 3 =13! That number has a nice ring to it.