Ti-Cats vs Winnipeg

Early to start this thread but none the less; Elliott with his efforts has a win/Brink got a win as the D stepped up to force a fumble by Jyles; now it's Buck's turn to direct the O to a win on his return. Statement game; Buck Pierce :cowboy: Posh

It's possibly the best offense in the CFL against currently the worst defense in the CFL.

If Winnipeg is still in this one by halftime it'll be a surprise.

This one actually scares me a bit. I know how good Hamilton can be, and how bad Winnipeg is right now, but with the return of Pierce this one has the makings of an upset. Plus, the Ti-Cats are still the same confounding team they've been for three-plus seasons. Look terrible one week, great the next. Wash, rinse, repeat, finish at 9-9. Hamilton has everything in their favour this week, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if the Bombers won this one.

The Bombers do play well at home and that's a plus - with Buck at the helm, I expect a very good/close game.

But Crowton's still calling the plays. . .

Add in the fact they just don't lose to the Tabbies...

Well I have to listen to that little birdie [with a hunch] named Woodstock every once in a while. :wink:

RB Will Ford is back on the roster in place of WR Isaac Anderson; Bombers will not use 6 receiver sets against Hamilton.

That was largely a 2011 phenomenon. Both these teams are very different from last year.

But like Blogskee, I'm a little concerned. When the Cats are supposed to play well, they've crapped the bed this year. Having said that, I'd love to see a repeat of the boat celebration. :lol:

Winnipeg should just forfeit the game.
Send the fans to work on the new stadium instead.
40-50 thousand man hours right there.
Probably be more fun too.

Ticat fans should actually try and sellout as many games as Winnipeg does in a year! Hows your new stadium looking????

Marcus Howell running the Bomber offence at practice today......Crowton overwhelmed by the 3 down game, lol.

Not likely, Ti-Cats are in desperado; fact :cowboy:

You mean the new stadium that they haven't started building yet?

And what does tickets sold have to do with the quality of the team? If that's how they determined winners, the Leafs would have won 30 Stanley Cups.

The Bomber fans should wear paper bags when their team hits the field.
Not only will it send a clear message to the team, but it will impede beer guzzling & skeeter bites.

And if not; Burn The Witches Thread, Vol. 8.... Bring it on baby...bring all ya got :rockin: Lets go Bombers.

I was just trying to rouse up the Peggers with some bombast.
They have been too quiet.

Yeah, they haven't been seen much since they told us that we didn't know what we were talking about when it came to Joe Mack and that only Bomber fans should be allowed to comment... and then their team played like an amateur operation.

Oops. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey stop revealing all our cool secrets. Everyone is going to want to come to Ticat chat then....

Be carefull. You're lucky you didn't post that on the Bomber forum or you would be calling your lawyer, as they have expressed in their forum guidlines that they will call in the law if anything is said that bashes them.:roll: :roll: