Ti-Cats vs REDBLACKS game thread topic, Friday July 28 2023

Well I guess I’ll just hang out here until I have something better to do, …like watch football. Always a groaner when the weather delays happen. They’re really hyping Crum aren’t they? I’m cringing when I hear that. Like he needs that extra pressure. Welcome to the big leagues.


Also I just got home from work so it doesn’t look like I missed much. Actually heading to BC in the morning.

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Nice Jon . Business or pleasure ?



Pleasure. A week in the Kootenays visiting my stepmother which I have done yearly for over 30 years. My Dad died in 2018 but he made it to 92 so had a great life.

It’s an 18 hour drive so leave first thing in the a.m. I don’t even have cell service for days in the middle of nowhere so I’ll be off the forum for several days which probably isn’t a bad thing either. Tonight’s game is the only weekend game I will see unfortunately.


Any left :wink:

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hahaha INT

A warm slice of that apple crisp with ice cream with a drop or two of real maple syrup… mom’s favorite.

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Just like last week every time I see Crum run and drive into a bevy of tacklers I’m never sure if he’ll get up.

Ottawa up 3-0.

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Those Red Blacks don’t need Crum to score TD’s… Bo threw a pick six (oops, it resulted in a FG. My bad).


Hate to say this, but Bo is looking like Damian Durrant when he played in Montreal.

TD BLM to Duke Williams. This could be good game after all.

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TD drive was a good one I thought.

The Liegghio factor strikes again.


It’s those kicks he’ll missed under pressure that will cost them the most.

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Crum has all day to throw.

Mauldin is a handful for Offences.

Santos-Knox looking good coming off an injury too.

Lawrence should get 15 there.

So should Desjarlais.

Terrible officiating

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What was that? Lawrence should have been flagged as should have the retaliation.

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If Lawrence had been flagged, I doubt there would have been a retaliation

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