Ti-Cats vs REDBLACKS game thread topic, Friday July 28 2023

:tigercats: vs :redblacks:

game time 2023-07-28T23:30:00Z

game tracker: 2023-07-28 Game Tracker - OTTAWA REDBLACKS vs. HAMILTON Tiger-Cats (6333) - CFL.ca

preview: REDBLACKS riding high into Friday's matchup with 'Cats - CFL.ca

who do you think is going to win?
  • :tigercats: Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  • :redblacks: Ottawa REDBLACKS
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So if Hamilton wins, could you say the “Crummymoon” is over?

Seriously though, if Ham & Mont pull out wins, an East crossover becomes a real possibility.


looking forward to this game. Bo coming back early feels like desperation to me, but i think Crum is the better quarterback right now.

vegan sloppy joes for game dinner @IllinoisGuy . i just made homemade apple crisp for second half dessert from apples i harvested from my backyard trees this morning. :apple: :pie: :stuck_out_tongue:


vegan sloppy joes? what was used for the fake meat?
beans or something?

My all-time favorite dessert!

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lol fake meat. yes beans. lots of onions. also zucchini, some red peppers and maple syrup and hot sauce from a bottle with a skull on it.

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just out of oven


It’s Magical…


Should be a good game. Bo’s injury behaves a lot like a hamstring - wait for it to heal and work into hard work in training and practice and hope you don’t tweak it again.

I said it in another thread but up until last week Hamilton has changed their offence a bunch and started using the FA running back they went out and got. They were really under utilizing him when Bo got hurt so maybe he will help their offence get some traction.

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I’m having leftover shrimp etouffee.
Even as a leftover, it’s still delicious.

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Was that returner doing a figure skating move?

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raining. way over thrown.

weather delay already

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Some camera angles you can barely tell its raining, then others it looks like its pouring
Well there’s the weather delay

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time to make dinner a bit early i guess

Very perceptive! In TV production, if you’re focusing on an object that’s far away, you’re picking up layers and layers of rain. If it’s nearby, it’s not many layers.

Plus there is a partial roof in Ottawa…

Well one person who is happy about this is my son . He just got back from a trip home for my b-day and for a friends stag and totally forgot about a camp that was scheduled today in Burnaby . He was hoping to make it home to South Surrey for at least the 2nd half and now thanks to the weather delay in Ottawa he is hoping to make it home for the restart of the game (fingers crossed) .