Ti-Cats vs Ottawa

Hamilton serving up the mustard smothers the REDBLACKS at Big Tim Hortons Field - Skookum :rockin:

I'm not sure what you're saying here, but if you mean you're looking forward to this game, then I'm with you. It should be a good one between the top two teams in the East, and having Burris back behind centre will just add to the drama.

Looking forward to a good one, Hamilton covers the spread of (-3). The other dandy of a game is in Toronto vs Riders

Especially if Simoni gets to him and lays a hit on old Hank! You know, according to old Hank, players like Simoni “don’t belong in this league”! (i.e. the ones who take Hankie down!) :roll: :roll:

Let's hope Kent Austin doesn't hit or bump into someone... :roll:

If old Hank shows up, then look out it's the MOP from last season. If he gets hit or falters they have a great backup chomping at the bit to get back in. If I was Ottawa I would have stuck with Harris for this game, he could exploit that weak Ticat secondary with the deep ball.

Looking forward to this one- leaving work a bit early to make it. Nervously optimistic, hopefully the new players the Cats have brought in can give us the edge. Sucks that Zach is out, but I’m confident that Masoli will play well- Zach wasn’t lighting it up lately, might even be a good change up.

Oskee wee wee :rockin:

This home and home series makes me nervous.

Depends on which Hank shows up - Good Hank or Bad Hank ?

Also depends if Austin can keep his collective sh*t together and not loose it on a Ref or opposing player.

Should be a good game.

You and me both man, I've never felt so uncertain about a pair of games. I have zero idea who will be in first place after the next two weeks, just trying to be optimistic and will be there tonight to support the boys through thick and thin.

No doubt, a lot riding on these two games. Should be a barn burner. Go RBs!

Oskee wee wee, Ticats eat 'em raw!!! :rockin:

That is more of an exception than the norm and KA has had his one for this season! :smiley:

I know how you feel. I think that Zach might have been dinged up a bit in that Labour Day rematch as that seemed to be when his play dropped off a bit. Here's hoping that the home team can take real advantage of the crowd and get off to a faster start. Decent return by Banks and nice RUN by Gable :o :o SHOCKER!!!

Speedy B is gonna have a good game methinks.

Woohoo! Toliver TD!!
Is it just you + me again tabbiefan?

Just had a nice scamper up the field and we have TD Toliver!!! That's exactly how they needed to begin this game. Now if the D can just get Hank and friends off the field quickly I'll be even happier!!

Rather interesting that JM only tossed 2 passes in that drive and the first one went incomplete!

Looks like it. Rather surprised that there was no GDT posted on the Ticats forum :o


3-7 Ticats :thup: