Ti-Cats vs Eskimos

MLB Simoni Lawrence starts in place of the injured J.C. Sherritt; interesting to see how this goes, perhaps more blitzes?

If Edmonton has any hopes for the playoffs they need this one. A loss and the crossover option is pretty much eliminated.

Oskee wee wee
I would hate to see an eskie @ toronto 1st round eastern playoff match up.

I bought Rolling Rock and Keith's Amber. If things start to go south early, I plan to start chugging. :smiley:

Last in first downs. I've been saying it for at least a month now. The reason the D keeps giving up so many points is because these guys are burned out. You can't expect the D to win all 18 games.

They also have the entire defensive line injured and replaced. That's goign to hurt any D, particularly with a significant lack of offensive production.


Yeah, pressure's been a big issue.

I'm at the game, what a small crowd so far. I'll honestly be surprised if they hit 30,000!

Curse smart phones! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, 30,000 is a "small crowd"? If Toronto could ever manage 30,000 Rudge and Barker would each have dislocated shoulders from patting themselves on the back.

39-years-old. He probably got short of breath blowing out his candles.

I think the QBs are confused about what teams they're playing for. Back-to-back picks to start the game. Wow. Gonna be a gooder! :lol:

Grant Shaw 49 yarder...3-0 Esks

Is Cobourne trying to draw a penalty by acting like an idiot? Go join your team. :roll: And we just blew our timeout because of a personnel issue. Sweet merciful. :roll:

Joseph moves the team out of trouble up field from the 15 yard line...C.Williams with a nice run off the punt.

Nother pick. Thank God we got a defence. :smiley:

? catch in my eyes

That's a tough one. It looks like he caught it and was down, but there's maybe a split second where he bobbled it. Tough call.

Wow. Edmonton's up 10-5 in time of possession. How long til that flips? Joseph looked decent, but I still don't think he can play a full 60.