TI-Cats vs Eskimos

Lots of big plays early. Looks to be a good game, as long as you're not a QB.

The Cats are shocking people...lol

Early Lead ... take the crowd out of it.

Make those 13 pt favorites look like chumps.

And then give up your 10 point lead in the next minute and a half.

Kelly Campbell's awesome.

Referees' blew that one! Obvious Pass Interference on that Interception and the referee's totally missed it!

pathetic! simply pathetic!


they missed a contacting the kicker call!

Yup, the Ticats could have used the yardage from those obvious missed penalties.

On a side note, is it just me or is that TSN's Sara Ostresky (sp) hot or what,(-:

Cats are making it interesting. However I just don't see them stopping Ray the whole game.

Not to mention the bad luck factor the Cats seems to have.

Cats are looking good, so is Printers. Finally, flashes of BC for Casey.

The Cats look like a whole new team under Marcel.

Got a couple of bad breaks from the refs. Those were drive maintaining penalties that weren't called.

More Interceptions. Rough day for the QB's.

Printers has thrown 4 touchdown passes...2 to Rodriges 2 to Goss

Goss is Hamilton's #1 receiver.

Let's go Printers, enough already!

Ray's looking pretty Ordinary tonight! but if Printers can get his act together, they can win this game!

Cats can definitely win this thing.

Thats what were hoping :wink:

Stopping the Eskies is still a tall order

well they are up 33-31… just have to hold em!!!

well they are up 33-31.. just have to hold em!!!

Hamilton just can't buy a win.