Ti-Cats vs. Bombers

It's now about 4 hours till kickoff between Hamilton and my beloved Bombers. Two classic teams with an ancient rivalry. Both sides are a little nicked up and, let's face it, they might not be the best edition of either team, but it's Thursday, there's a football game on, I'm booking out of work early, running to the six-pack store, and settling in for what I hope is a fine evening of CFL action. Go Bombers. Love the new Winnipeg stamp!

Interesting for sure. If our healthier defence can coax Bad Henry to appear, and Elliott can spark our O against their iffy D, we're in with a chance. Going 2-5 could be the start of something better; 1-6 not so much.

What I'm worried about is Elliott catching his own chronic case of Bad Henry. Now all of a sudden we have a third-string QB trying to win a game single-handed because this is his one big stage of the year. Now he's trying impress coach with his deep ball skills, now he's getting picked, banged, and turned around, now he's getting frustrated, now he's holding the clipboard for Alex Brink. That would make for a long game. Hope that's not the way this thing goes tonight.

This is definitely an interesting game. On one side, you've a high-powered offence against a good defence, and on the other, a garbage offence against a mediocre defence. :lol:

And sometimes a good game will just pop up out of thin air despite the odds.

Pretty much sums it up.

With all the injuries, it may look more like a pre-season game.

Anyone still needing to make those last minute picks takes the Cats and the over. I went Winnipeg under and my record has sucked the last few weeks. :wink:

Go Bombers, or pretty soon they'll be playing for next year.

I thought that's why you guys were starting Elliot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn. It's Cuthbert and Suitor tonight. That means Black's back. Booo! England has no problem invading another country's embassy, but holding up Black at customs... :smiley:


Nice opening drive for the Cats so far. Inside the Winnipeg 40.

Canadian customs couldn't find something wrong with his passport?

TD!!! :smiley:

Burris circus continues on the pass...TD Williams Cats lead 7-0

I knew it. I knew it!

Strip away his citizenship while he's abroad. Why wasn't this idea brought up earlier? :x

Yeah, don't cover Edwards. He sucks, anyway. :roll: lol

That was embarrassing. Take the knee.

Missed FG - 7-1 Ti-Cats