Ti cats vs Bombers..part 2..

The Bombers are going to neuter the cats again tonight, and you probably wont know if they have lifted the BO until just before game time.

Has anyone heard if Milt is playing or not?

Milty is out!

You were right on the money. 8)

Cheers gentleman. Talk is cheap eh?

Boy am i glad i bottled it! :slight_smile:

I went for under 47 on the total points in the end! :thup:

Still you cant have everything,its on at Midnight in Ireland & guess who put the wrong date on the video?

Now why could that not have happened last night with that dreadfull match with the woefull Argonaunts?

Having to sit through that & losing money as well,when now i'm bored,frustrated even if i am a bit richer! :lol:

hey i was just wondering about that guy at canad inns who fell from the stairs, is there any word on him, his fall looked pretty nasty.

....we noted that in Hamilton....when we seen a few signs in the stands.. :lol:

I came here looking to hire some good prognosticators but I think I had better head back to the Tiger Cat site for more qualified personell.

One two, buckle my shoe,
We won this time, Woohoo!

Beware of the Ides of Sunday Oct. 15


Had Milt Steegal played and had Shaw not totally destroyed Glenn, i think that the game would have been much more exciting.