Ti-Cats vs. Bills :-)

[url=http://www.mmbolding.com/BSR/CFL-NFL_Hamilton_Tiger-Cats_vs_Buffalo_Bills_1961.htm]http://www.mmbolding.com/BSR/CFL-NFL_Ha ... s_1961.htm[/url]


Never happen these days.

In my Madden Franchise I ran the Bills into the ground giving them a 1-15 season so I could relocate them. They are headed to VEGAS now.

Maybe I will call them the the Las Vegas Posse.

Lol, my ego wouldnt let me do that haha. I always play on all madden and always win... usually buy 30+ with 5 minute quarters. There have been like 5 times I have lost and each time I got pretty pissed lol

Yeah I play on all-pro with 8 minute quarters (Little un-even but 5 is too short and 10 is too long) and my raiders are usually one of the top teams (Which I know, nowadays could only happen in a video game) AND i lost the super bowl to the Falcons and dog fighting Vick and I threw my controller on the ground so hard it dosen't work any more. Luckily I have 2 so the fun never stops. :lol:

all-pro is wayyyyyyy to easy for me lol

Yeah,all-madden is a little to hard for me, but on all-pro is too easy, so i just jack the sliders (QB accuracy,WR catching) up for the cpu, and it's perfect. Not too easy, not too hard.

great find …thxs

Yeah, all-madden is tough for the 1st few games, and then it gets easier