Ti Cats vs Argos

Someone had to start a game thread.

I hope this game is as tight as the Lions Riders game.

I need Ray and the Argos to win for a 4-0 weekend

Here we go Burris...here we go - I need Hamilton to win to go 3-1 :rockin:

Always a fun drive down from The Big Smoke to The Big Stink for an Argos/TiCats game.

Almost a must win for Hamilton tonight as they can't afford to fall two games back this early in the season.

Hello? Hello? Hello?
Echo Echo Echo

Sorry, got to cheer for the sister team in the east. They are due.


Coming back!

WOOOOO it isnt!!!!! TD Cats!!

Pre with the FG for Argos - 21-3 Hamilton...........stats wise Ti-Cats are rolling.

Where did the Argo D go?

Where did the cover team go on special teams? They're getting destroyed by Williams.

Prefontaine has played so poorly this year. He has lost it get someone else.

Missed field goal return for TD major; Tiger Cat Williams up and into the left seam and gone; 29-13 Cats at the half.

Wait a sec...did I just hear there's an Aussie in this game??

Man, is nobody watching this game? Second half has been all about Bad Hank making an appearance.

Little late to this game. Anyone know why Alix is kicking instead of Prefontaine? Also, loved Boyd powering down to the 1-yard-line with 2-3 defenders trying to tackle him. :lol:

Hope the Argos can complete the comeback. Really don’t want another 2-2 week. :lol:

After the 21-0 lead by Hamilton earlier is now a 2pt. lead in the 4th… TD Toronto closes the gap…29-27 Ti-Cats

Prefontaine missed a couple, including another one that went back for a TD. Not sure if he was pulled because of that or an injury though.

And no sooner do I mention Bad Hank then the Ticats march the field and put a TD up with a beauty grab.

Hmm. What I really meant to say is GO CATS! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the answer, Tridus. :thup:

Three weeks into the CFL season; great football from what I've seen on Offense/Defense/run backs...ect.

Back for the final 3 minutes what did I miss?