TI Cats vs Als

Cats jump out to early lead

Montreal sure is sucking so far. :expressionless:

What the hell is going on? I could see Hamilton keeping it close, but I never would've guessed that Hamilton would be up 14-0 in the first quarter. :expressionless:

Two big plays by the Als followed by the Montreal o-line buckling on consecutive plays. Good lord. :lol:

The Als are only dressing 5 receivers for this game. interesting. If a receiver should go down they would not be able to run a true 5 receiver set.

perfect play call nice run but a fumble,

Finally, a break! Fumble followed by a TD. 14-7.

wow jones has some burst of speed on returns. Williams Giguere, rutley lots of depth at returner

Burris answers TD Fantuz .......21-7 Hamilton.

Calvillo to Richardson TD; 21-14 Tiger Cats...shootout?

I think that the Cats are better with Stalla as the 5th receiver than Jones. They have the speedsters with Williams grant and Giguere gives them a shore hander good route runner.

Wonder if we'll see some defence in the second half. :o

When did Black start using Walby's "up the gut" line? :lol:

Chip Cox with the up the middle pick-off from Burris.....Hamilton holds - turnover on downs....31-14 Ti-Cats

I don't agree with going for it on third. If we were in the fourth, maybe. But there's still 20+ minutes to play. I would've kicked the FG.

Montreal holds…forces a Punt - big return…TD Montreal…Jennings - 31-21 Cats

lol @ Rod explaining the headset in the helmet.

Wow I just joined in about 10 minutes ago, and Burris is sure putting on a clinic tonight.

What a schizophrenic team is Hamilton!

But did Montreal really play any defence before that sack before Hamilton's punt before their prior possession?

It looks to me like that Montreal defence does not bother waiting until the fourth quarter to break down any more.

It's getting very late in the fourth....FG Cats - now lead 41-21...

I wish we could start the second game early. I'm falling asleep watching this snorefest of a quarter. :lol: