Ti-Cats v.s Esks - Game Thread

I figure 4:15pm isn’t too early for the game thread…

It’s a great night for football in The Hammer! 25C and sunshine at kick-off. Can’t wait!

I want to see improved special teams, a more cohesive O-Line and some lights-out football from Masoli against his favourite punching-bag. You have to believe he will be more comfortable with Williams.

It feels like a make-or-break game - Fingers crossed!

Waiting for the wife to get home from work (and the beer store). Glad for the 7:30 start.

Expecting a big game from Breaux. Hoping Saunders doesn’t miss a step. I see the trees are blowing, so I hope Hajrullahu can get it through the uprights.

Hoping for a big breakout game from Tolliver.

Going to be a great night of football in the Hammer.

Unfortunately I’m expecting a beating from the Eskies! The Cats coming off a bye week with their uncontrollable penalties from undisciplined play and predictable offence have me extremely worried. Hope I’m wrong.

Fortunately i’m expecting a win from the Cats!

After a weeks rest, and the return of Saunders, combined with a strong need for win, I see us taking this game. I feel they will have addressed the discipline issue. I’m not worried.

I hope I’m right.

I am ‘stuck’ at a cottage. Hope those in my seats make ‘Noise’ on defence.

Breaux will control his side of the field. Stephens will make the special teams tackles to lock in his CFL lead. Let’s get a quick start on offence tonight!

Oskee wee wee !

Ed having to come to Hammer for some fresh air now that’s sad. :frowning:

I hope that you’re right too. Ticats have not generally had successful games coming off a bye win but it’s definitely time to change that! The Blew team will undoubtedly pick on the larks and hand them another loss so the Ticats really need a win to keep pace! They are good enough IMO to be first in the division but they have to start winning consistently! They really have to be far more disciplined and let the Eskies - who take even more penalties than the Ticats - have the “lions” share of the flags! They are coming off a short week - less rest and preparation so there’s really NO excuse for our guys to not take full advantage. They have to hit the ground running and not stop!

I hope so too. I hope we have a lot to cheer at THF.

They just don’t make me very confident

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14m14 minutes ago
Scratches for tonight’s game: #esks: Jean-Simon Roy and Bryant Mitchell. #ticats: Jalen Saunders and Everton Williams.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

god damn!


I don’t know if you guys feel the same way as I do that this game will be the turning point
for the Ticats. If they win this one, they are in the race with Ottawa and Toronto for a playoff
spot. If they lose, they will be rated down with Montreal, and a western team to miss the playoffs.

That’s how I see it. they show what they have got now or never.

Have to agree, We need this one.

4 and 5 will look a whole lot better than 3 and 6

I agree too. Unfortunately I just heard that Saunder - who was to be a game time decision - won't play. Can't say that I'm surprised - seems any player who's a "game time decision" usually doesn't play.

Then we “must” see alot more of Tasker.

Absolutely - Williams or Toliver - matters not as long as they make the plays they need to win the game.

Masoli at his finest… ::slight_smile:


NOT a good beginning - and the EE should have NO problem scoring from such favourable FP. >:( :frowning:

I thought picks were only bad at the end of the game. :wink:

D comes up big.