Ti-Cats unveil New Stadium plans!



I agree, hopefully it happens. We're crossing our fingers in Hamilton, especially since the new mayor has been known to flip flop more then a house of pancakes.

Looks good. At first glance, it looks like it was influenced a bit by the sight lines at Empire Field this season. But I have seen far to many pretty pitchers of stadiums that never make it past the artist table. Lets hope this one has a better ending. However, I might add that if this is an accurate representation, I don't see a lot of room for expansion for Grey Cups and such.

I don't think that is the actual stadium design, more of a filler for the bigger picture

To Deerkeeper - The only place I can see would be expanding the end zone seating. Then again maybe those cloth covers above the bowl are modular and can be easily removed.

Anyways here's a pan-o-rama on the site, the video is at the bottom.


I think you're right.

Look close at the field dimensions, looks like a 100 yard field with 10 yard endzones.

Hopefully the concentrate more seats on the sides and less on the endzones in the real stadium.

Looks good.

During construction of the stadium, I will be sneaking into the construction site at night. I will then bury an Argos jersey in the ground so the stadium gets built over top of it. Thus cursing the pussy-cats for all enternity.

Kinda like this:


I love to see CFL specific Stadiums! I think it will look great

Funny how it seems to have no capacity for expansion or temporary seating for Grey Cups games. Also I though Bob Young was all about parking and the whole "Driveway to Driveway" experience, yet he builds on the only available spaces for parking? This has unmitigated disaster written all over it. And where are all the private investors will to fill in the funding gap? We don't need an Argo curse on this, Bob Young has done a good enough job on it as it is....

Looks mean nothing it it doesn't happen.

Fitting.. .since we're gonna walk all over ya's anyway, on Sunday!

:lol: :rockin: :cowboy:

Nice, we are all envious here in the Big Smoke of what could have been.

Actually, all you’ll be doing is beating us to the punch. We’ve buried more then a couple Argos…“Jerseys” under Ivor Wynne and we are planning on keeping the tradition.

Anyways, there is also talk of Bob Young bringing a NASL franchise to the site as well, so once a year TFC fans can now lose outside of BMO without having to hop provinces or to the states.

very cool to finally see the tiger-cats vision for the CP rail site!

I just noticed that the whole development kind of resembles... ahem... nvm.

I hope they have less endzone seats than the drawing, but the entire thing looks pretty good.

i was hoping to find some pictures of what the stadium will look like now that they will be using the same stadium. is there any chance they can move the stands back a little? its so terrible for player safety.

I don't know where I got the impression they are completely rebuilding the stands, but that's what it would take to move them back. I suspect they'll have to put in a track too, which kind of sucks but if that's what it takes to get a new stad then so be it.

i wish i had kept some quotes or links. i thought there was talk of only one side of the stands being rebuilt. any hamilton die hards want to help us out here?