Ti-Cats TV- Draft Prospects

I really like what ticats tv is doing letting the fans get to know the up and coming prospects. does any other team do this? i think it's great, it reallygets you in to it, and reminds me of path to the draft on NFL network. I really got to know Dylan Barker and Daryl Stephenson the players. Based on this, i believe that the team has the personell in the media department to maybe put together a half an hour to an hour long show on CHCH 11. I know i would watch it, and im sure alot of you guys would to.

each time I log on, i become more impressed with the stuff I see on Ticats TV. I think the website in general has reached a point where it has some of best features, articles and info in sports team websites.

I must say I even enjoy the Roar Store commerical before the footage. Be interested to see what's next

i agree, the rest of the league needs to catch up. ticats.ca is light years ahead of all the other team sites.

Now, if we could just get a team :roll:

It great Stuff..
I can't wait to see what Else They Have.