Ti-cats trade for Kwame Cavil***

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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that they have acquired import wide receiver Kwame Cavil from the Edmonton Eskimos in exchange for a fourth-round pick in the 2006 CFL Canadian College Draft.

"His size and versatility make him a great option going into this upcoming season," said GM Rob Katz. "He's proved that he can contribute in this league and we are very excited to have Kwame as a member of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats."

The 6-3, 209 pound Waco, Texas native began last season with the Montreal Alouettes before being traded midway through the 2005 season to the Eskimos. Playing in the first three games of the season with the Alouettes, he recorded 11 receptions for 118 yards and added 31 receptions for 259 yards while playing in 7 games with the Grey Cup champions. In 2004, Cavil and his receiving Alouettes teammates made history becoming the first quartette of receivers to each reach the 1000-yard receiving mark in CFL history.

In 2002, Cavil captured two professional football titles first winning NFL Europe's World Bowl as a member of the Scottish Claymores, then after joining Montreal he won the 2002 Grey Cup. Cavil also played in 16 games with the Buffalo Bills of the NFL in 2000 where he caught four passes for 66 yards and recorded 12 tackles on special teams.

Cavil played three seasons (1997-99) with the University of Texas Longhorns. He sits in second place on the school's receiving list with 174 receptions for 2,279 yards and 10 touchdowns. He was a standout in his last season with the Longhorns catching 100 passes for 1,188 yards in 14 games.


the ti-cats just dont quit...thier recievers are lookin real solid now...

Flick, Cavil, Ralph, Yeast...wow.

Yes but they have to find chemistry with Maas and this could take a year or two. But we are moving in the right direction for sure, and having someone like Ranek back their with Radlein, well, looks good as long as the o-line does their job. But having someone like Maas will be huge I think.

Can't wait for training camp to start!

oh, i agree...it will take time to find that chemistry....but the future looks bright....i expect them to get hot towards season end and maybe go to second round of playoffs.

Slowly but surely it appears how the Hammer will be up with the big boys, Argos and Als. It will make for a great 3 team race and really firing up the Labour Day game and return match. Alot of people will be driving down the QEW. The only sad part is how there are not enough seats at Ivor Wynne. When will the fine Dofasco folks decide to build a new playpen of 40,000.

…not until steel prices comes down a ways…

Wow.....Once the Ti-cats start jelling as a unit...Watch out!

They will be a concern in the East this year for sure!

I would have liked to have him. I am really starting to think that Shivers has hit the self-destruct button, and turned the alarm off.

Nice work Hamilton

Don't worry Billy, I'm still waiting for Buono to upgrade in a few spots.

So far he's signed McCallum and a couple of linemen with single didgit game experience in the NFL but hasn't replaced Simpson yet. I'm getting impatient with the lack of movement out here on the Wet Coast! Right now, I think our defense is suseptable to run attack offenses.

If Maas connects with Cavil like AC did in 2004...you'll have a potential 1000 yarder ! I hope you like post-TD dances..:wink: (I personnally hate them !)

Cavil joined the Al's late in 2005 (was at Saints TC), then played a couple of games, got injured, was traded to the Evil Empire, played a little, then injured and played the rest of the season on the bench.

Good luck to Cavil !

the cats are looking better and better every week...

Another good move by the Cats. Gonna be an interesting season in the East this year.

salary dump for esks. good move for ti-cats.

This was a stupid trade. With Ed Hervey's recent history of knee problems, why would you trade Cavil?

I think I can understand the need for Edmonton to trade Cavil. You can't keep a guy of that calibre on your payroll just to be an insurance policy. He wasn't going to be a starter in Edmonton, but he definitely will be in Hamilton.

What surprises me, though, is how little they got for him. A fourth-round pick? I could see first, or maybe second, but fourth? All the players that are potential starters will be long gone by then. They won't get much at that point.

And personally I hate touchdown dances, too.

right or wrong, Cavil didnt seem to be what the EE is about. i know it seems a little outdated to try to discourage showboating after a good catch, but I saw on EE player (cant remember who…Gass? Brady?) just tear into Cavil after he made a 15 yard catch and then started breakdancing all over the field early in the season. Cavil didnt get it though, cause he still did that crap all year. My guess is that it didnt bode well for team chemistry. We still got too little for him though.