Ti-Cats Tonight

It is CFL time and time for the Ti-Cats to play toward the GC!

So, Ti-Cat Fans do we win tonight? :thup:

I'm not full of confidence on this. Will the Cats suddenly be able to control the rush, especially when it's Harris carrying the ball? Will Gable get at least 50 on the ground for the first time this year? Will our D, featuring both starting corners making their CFL debuts be able to cover the likes of Dressler, Adams, Smith and Davis? How will Maher's game compare with Medlock's? And, McDuffie's with Banks'? While hopeful of a big turnaround from last week's performance, I won't be shocked by how good, or how bad, the Cats play tonight.

I have faith in Austin, Steinauer and Reinebold. These guys do not take losing lightly. They will have a plan and the team will be ready. I expect to see a team that looks more like week one.

Good points and I hope you are right but Winnipeg is pretty hungry too!!

Yes. This will be our first 50 burger of the season


I hear where you're coming from, there is no free space on the bingo card. Bombers have all the talent in the world yes, but that means almost nothing without good coaching and a scheme in place to compliment all your player's skill sets. Last week I had an uneasy feeling about the game knowing how well the Lions performed against the Stamps the week prior and really I think the Lions are going to be the surprise team this year especially with Wally roaming the sidelines again, unlike the Bombers who many pegged (pun fully intended) to be the darkhorse turnaround team with their huge free agency classes last couple seasons. Last week the Bombers looked horrendous and I am hoping they haven't figured things out yet.

I am feeling pretty confident heading to THF tonight, but like you said, I will not be surprised if the team just doesn't show up again because the Cats have a tendency to that, thankfully going back to coaching we have the best in the league and I fully expect him to have the boys prepared tonight to dismantle the Bummers and get that bad taste out of their mouths from the home opener.

Win or Lose, I'm hoping for a more exciting game than last week, with more than just single points put up on the board. Plus a win would be good...

A couple old expressions that I believe in when talking CFL.
You are never as good as you look when you win and never as bad as you look when you lose.
Good teams don't lose 2 games in a row and bad teams don't win two in a row very often.
So we followed an awesome performance by a dud.
Team was too high on themselves, maybe paying too much attention to their own press.
We will be fine tonight. Winnipeg is a BAD ball team...VERY BAD!!!

This is the contrdiction that worries me! Last week I was full of confidence and hyped for the game. Still feel wee bit of deflation. For some reason, I don't have that same good feeling as last week, despite BBs being a weaker team than the Lions.

I am looking for a better showing by the Cats, and win or lose, a well played game. I'm still predicting Ti-Cats at 8+, but just can't shake this bad feeling.

Anyway, 20 minutes from heading out on the road, quick pit stop at the Banquet Bar, and then it's Tiger-Cat Football! On. The. Air!!