Ti-Cats to axe GM tomorrow

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Ticats to axe GM
Nov, 04 2007 - 6:00 PM

HAMILTON (AM900 CHML) - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are expected to announce the firing of general manager Marcel Desjardins.

A news conference will reportedly be held Monday morning to make the announcement official.

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I think that we can see this coming although I think Marcel will be a good Gm in this league. I think that he may have burned too many bridges with players that are now gone. Other players(free agents) may look at the treatment that others got and decide not to sign here fearing the same treatment.

Taffe is the guy who should be going....

taffe was marcel's guy, so if marcel goes, taffe will be gone by mid-next season.

I would love to have been the one to start this thread. :slight_smile:

Oh well.

I guess he wouldnt want to accept a pay cut and stay would he?

Wow, I'm not sure I like this. We better not be blowing up the team again. We have other people that can step in hopefully.

Wow. Just wow.

I just don't know what to say.

Its obvious that his "style" isnt what was expected by Bob and Scott Mitchell. SOMETHING he did must have really not sat well with them... im sure we wont know the truth but i dont think this is strictly a performance issue.

nothing to worry about, any one of us could have perfomed the job more successfully
when you think of it, his job rating was 3 out of 16, which translates to a pathetic percentage

ooops! 3 of 18
guess i'm out of the running

That's a joke of a statement. It's one thing for you no tto approve of what Desjardins did, but for you to think you could do half the job he did is hilarious.

OK, but now who do we get as the next GM? And then where does this leave Marcel?

If the GM goes, which causes the head coach to go... we could be in for a whole-nother rebuilding starting from sratch year which is the one thing we should NOT be doing.

I would bet that whoever takes over is familliar with the organization so we dont have a completely rebuild coming AGAIN.


(im kidding)

if they're planning on firing Marcel, they'd better have someone waiting AT that presser to be announced as the new GM, who is either endorsing Taafe as his head coach for 2008 OR making the announcement that someone else is taking over the reins as head coach

I do...

Another rebulding season coming up

you forgot to swear a little more during that statement....

If one of Marcel or Taffe had to go, I'm glad it's Marcel. Because if you really look at it, the biggest problem this year could be attributed to a roster full of rookies. Especially the experience of our recievers. I assume that is Marcel's fault above anyone else's.

Still... I'm not sure I like this...

As long as most of the current players minus some receiver and DB upgrades are back in 08 then it won't really matter who is GM.

I think Taaffe is a good coach but is not so good at picking assistants.

bob, i know you were nervous to do this a couple of years ago but mike mccarthy is the man to do the job. :rockin:

Just axe the GM and the Coach. Starting over is no big deal. We are basically starting from scratch anyway. I am sure our good players will be kept by the new people in charge. I find it funny that some people say Taaffe is a good coach. What exactly are you basing that on anyway?

They are basing it on an extensive resume that includes 2 coach of the year awards in Montreal.