Ti-Cats to Announce New Ownership Structure

Your dear owner Bob said it himself in a memo ..winning isn't important.

How much money can we make off this thing ...then when it starts costing you money how fast can we sell or move it

Well yes, I love the CFL but let's say I was "just" a billionaire, you can't lose money forever and without a true vision to be profitable on your investments, regardless of the love of those investments, something has to give.
Now if your a multibillionaire many times over and who cares if you're losing a few millions year to year, that's a different matter. Then "just win baby, just win" :wink:

But they buy the big boy toys..you know the teams worth billions...
Just to show off ya know...
Could you imagine Bob trying to show off
"Hey I own the Ti-Cats"
Material chick answers
"What the team that hasn't won since the 1900's..."

Ok maybe too far

Doubt the Ticats aren't turning a profit of some sort.

Peanuts though compared with investing that money in other ventures that you know will make more return where you don't care about your "love" for that investment. Long story short, you need to really love the CFL to invest in this as an investor.


Agree 100%
Makes you wonder what Stelco is thinking.

If things were good in Hamilton there would be no need for another owner ..
Looks like he may be getting himself out of some responsibility there.

Yes that's a big ol' speculation


Bob Young is still going to be the majority owner. While this could be part of a long term succession plan, this is far from a sign of him bailing.

Overall it's been a good run of the league getting new owners and investors as of late


It could be a start of something good.

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Video here from Bob Young which explains his interests.


Or something bad. Depends on what the CFL has planned. It depends on what secret documents they are showing to investors that have signed an NDA.

Less than a month ago, they said they were thinking of rule changes. Perhaps the league will be unrecognizable 5 years from now and you’ll be throwing popcorn at your TV in disgust.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


The fact that Stelco approached Young and was interested in a stake in the Ti-Cats / Forge speaks volumes for how far the organization has come since 2003 on the business side.

Back then we were wondering who would "save" the team and perhaps there was exactly 1 person willing and capable of doing that then.

Now there's a well financed organization that at the very least sees potential for growth in the Tiger-Cats and CFL.

Bob Young won't live forever, it's only prudent for him to evolve the organization to be easier and appealing to hand off at some point in the future.


Agree. And remember, while Bob Young is from the Hamilton area and I believe still has some family in the area, he himself doesn't live here but rather in North Carolina if this is still the case and his Linkedin profile indicates this. So having more immediate direct local type ownership can't be a bad thing. He has helped immensely getting the TiCats back on solid financial ground and without him, who knows what would be of the team and organization today.

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He alway said he wasn't involved with the Ticats football side, he was always the Caretaker.
This ownership move is great news for the team and the league, it shows that outside groups are interested in investing.
Doesn't matter that the new owner is from New York and is an NFL investor


The past couple of seasons, alot of "new " money $$$ has entered the CFL Ownership group,
BC, MTL and now new money contributing to HAM,
This has to be a good sign for the CFL
Some new voices sitting at the table
(I wanted to add MLSE, but I'm not so sure what their end plan is :crossed_fingers: :woozy_face:)


End plan seems to be to turn CFL into MLS (multiple teams across North America). Talk of rules changes is a further indication of that goal.

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Wasn't sure about that last line but reading this, yes. Interesting:

" A leader in the Hamilton region for 110+ years, Stelco has a long and proud history in supporting and promoting the local business and sports community. Stelco’s Chairman and CEO Alan Kestenbaum will represent the company’s ownership position. A long-time football lover, Kestenbaum is also currently a minority owner of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons."

Also didn't know this about him:
"Kestenbaum, a Canadian Steel company chief executive officer, was a bidder for the Carolina Panthers last season. The Panthers were sold for $2.2 billion to David Tepper."

I think this is mostly related to the CPL team and that they get to run the stadium for concerts events etc. There is growth in soccer and if they have to invest and the Ti-Cats are part of deal so be it. I think it does indicate that the Cats business operations are in decent shape which is a good thing. Perhaps this CEO who also invested in the Falcons also see some Future for CFL expansion or merger, I would tend to think the XFL would fold and the CFL will absorb those teams

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I'm wondering if this new ownership group are in direct competition here in Hamilton for concerts and events with the Oak View Group of FirstOntario Centre etc. that includes Tim Leiweke, a former president of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment?

Some might be interested in this interview involving Leiweke talking about Oak View and their merger with Spectra. Big time stuff operator.

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MLSE: How to get to the NFL?

Option A: Merge with the XFL (CFL folding without Toronto)

Option B: Make a half hearted attempt to "market" the Argos to "satisfy" the NFL so they can pursue it vigorously as soon as the NFL gives them word.