Ti-Cats to Announce New Ownership Structure

Stelco Steel coming on as majority owner to include Forge and rights to Tim Horton's Field too

Bob Young will remain as majority owner.

That's now 2 steel firms in the ownership of the league

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Bob Young is still majority owner.

Mightgoose got that mixed up.

Caretaker still majority owner. Stelco minority owner.

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Thanks…fixed that …

How do you guys feel about this? Has it been rumoured for? while?

while I haven’t heard any rumors around it…it makes sense.

some of the management decisions in 2021 made me question Caretakers enthusiasm to the Cats. I feel he is all in on his soccer, and is distancing himself from the Cats.

This somewhat supports that.

I hope this new ‘management group’ will set better priorities around the Cats.

Caretaker brought the team to a good place. Fanbase has grown and is much more diverse. The entertainment value in the stadium is VASTLY superior to IWS.

Hopefully the new ownership group will have a focus on winning.

Stelco now owns 40% of the team (group). Meaning Young would still own at least 51%.

Bob had accountability to nobody, and now has accountability to shareholders, a major one at that.

Hard to imagine a focus on winning will be top of the list.

??? Not sure I am understanding this

There’s a big difference between Mark Cuban, George Steinbrenner and Rogers, MLSE and or most “Ownership groups”.

The latter answer to shareholders.

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Ohhhh almost got excited thought Bob sold em there for a min...

Yup Crash.

"“This new structure ensures our leadership and vision remains in place while adhering to Bob Young’s “caretaker” ethos as stewards of the community and its professional sports teams,” said Mitchell. “We are incredibly excited about bringing on Stelco under the leadership of Alan Kastenbaum.”

Well there is a BIG difference between Caretaker and Steinbrenner and Cuban

Of course, I think you are saying Bob Young doesn’t have nearly the finances of those individuals. Agree if that’s what you are implying…

Yes. Steinbrenner and his family had the highest payroll in MLB and will do anything to win Championships.

Cuban is generally known as spending whatever he has to as well.

Bob has the finances to blow the CFL cap out of the water. Chose not to for the better of the league.

Now look at Rogers… Why is the Jays payroll not Top 3? Rogers are the wealthiest MLB owners.

It’s called business, share price, profits, shareholders.

Stelco didn’t invest in 40% of the team(s) to win. They invested as an opportunity to make money.

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I didn’t know that. Interesting.

Cohen and the Mets may be 1, Jays would be 2 now.

Alan Kestenbaum heads a SPAC looking to make sports related acquisitions.

Will this possibly lead to something involving the CFL?

Well the CFL is a relative bargain so who knows. But it’s a gamble this “CFL thingy” for these dudes so they have to be people who can afford to lose money in the short term for some long term gain. Of course it’s all about the American market with a potential here for these investors with the CFL.

You sure about that?

The Yankees $200m payroll compared to the Ticats $5m salary cap?

You don’t think Young/Steinbrenner relatively speaking they’re similar?

Ok, when you’re speaking relative, that’s a different story but I assume MLB teams, generally speaking, are making their owners a lot more money than any CFL team can bring to their owner. Am I correct thinking this?
So, is Rogers making money from the Blue Jays or aren’t they?

Sure. But again it’s all relative.
So if CFL profits are in the single digit millions per year… Who cares when the BC Lions new owner is worth $600m?

What’s an extra $100k in salary?

This move is a good one for the long term stability of football (And soccer) in Hamilton, but make no mistake when you answer to a board you think differently.